Despite being released in 2017, Fortnite is still the fans’ favorite. One of the many reasons for this game’s huge success is the in-game UEFN aka Creative 2.0. This aspect of Fortnite now comes together with an exciting book and movie series to create a unique and high-quality experience for fans.

With Fortnite Creative and the Unreal Editor for Fortnite, you can create your own experience amidst and beyond the game. And with these, a group of dedicated players has come up with an exciting game based on The Hunger Games series that has made everyone’s jaw drop.

Hunger Games in Fortnite


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A passionate Fortnite group named SurvivalGamesFN has made an absolutely new Survival Game within Fortnite. This game is adapted from the famous American dystopian action film series, The Hunger Games. The series is based on the popular American sci-fi trilogy of novels by Suzanne Collins.

Although this survival game was made in Fortnite, it was not without a twist. Moving away from Fortnite’s casual and fun gameplay, this new game steps into a more serious and deadly territory, in accordance with the novel.

In the Hunger Games model of Fortnite, 24 tributes will go head-to-head in a survival fight, where only one or two from the same faction will win the match.

All this is thanks to Fortnite’s UEFN. The maker of this Hunger Games-based game spent five months making it with the Unreal Editor for Fortnite. Before UEFN, or Creative 2.0, Fortnite Creative provided the space for players to add their own flavor to Fortnite. This feature also allowed us to create our own maps, experiences, and environments, all within the game itself.

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But with the help of UEFN, you can make your own settings with the infrastructure and technology of Unreal Engine. This has allowed fans to dream bigger and go beyond the game for inspiration.

Hunger Games is a popular source of inspiration in the gaming community. This is not the first time any game has taken adaptations from this novel trilogy. Other popular games, like Roblox and Minecraft, earlier replicated The Hunger Games scenario in their games.

For the eager players who want to try out this mode, here is the map code: 0326-8397-9394.

Fans are awe-struck

The Hunger Games adaptations have blown the minds of fans. Here are some of their reactions:

One fan finally understood why all his friends were obsessed with the map.

‘Insane’ is a word that many are using to describe the fan-made addition.

On the other hand, there are some negative responses as well. One fan found the game to be laggy. We hope those lags, bugs, and glitches will be fixed very soon.


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This fan thought this was an official mode.


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Fortnite is always trying to add new elements to the game, be it with its exciting updates or with Creative 2.0. This time, it was a talented fan group that brought the game to life for the community.

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