Felix “xQc” Lengyel, one of Twitch‘s most popular streamers, has recently made headlines with his groundbreaking $100 million deal with the emerging streaming platform, Kick. While this move has sparked curiosity and discussions among fans and fellow streamers, xQc assures everyone that his decision to join Kick is met with support, including the approval of Twitch CEO Dan Clancy.

Join us as we explore the implications of this unexpected endorsement and xQc’s future in the streaming landscape.

Twitch CEO’s Happiness and Positive Reception


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Amidst the announcement of xQc’s deal with Kick, the streaming community wondered how Twitch and its leadership would react to one of their star streamers venturing into a rival platform. However, xQc revealed that during a conversation with Twitch CEO Dan Clancy, there were no hard feelings and that the Twitch team was happy for him. According to xQc, Dan Clancy expressed his support, stating, “Dan is happy, and people at Twitch are happy. Nobody’s upset. Guys, nobody’s upset, nobody’s malding.”

This positive reception from Twitch’s top executive showcases a progressive mindset and an understanding of the evolving streaming landscape. It signifies the willingness of Twitch to embrace streamers’ choices and encourage their exploration of new platforms. xQc’s deal with Kick not only highlights his individual success but also sets a precedent for streamers to diversify their streaming endeavors.

xQc’s Commitment to Twitch and Multi-Streaming Approach

In light of the speculation surrounding his departure from Twitch, xQc reassures his fans that he has no intention of leaving the platform. He emphasizes that his decision to join Kick is a means of diversifying his streaming opportunities rather than severing ties with Twitch entirely. xQc addressed his viewers, saying, “Um, yeah I am not leaving Twitch. I don’t think you understand. I want to say this, in the best way that I can put it. I am not like, leaving. No one is leaving.

xQc states no one at Twitch is upset for him doing a deal with Kick
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Similar to other prominent streamers like GM Hikaru, xQc plans to take the multi-streaming route, allocating his streaming time between both platforms. This approach allows him to cater to a wider audience and maximize his reach without limiting himself to a single platform. Regarding his streaming schedule, xQc shared, “Also, the hours are not really set. It’s just kind of random. I will just play it by the ear.” This flexibility provides xQc with the freedom to adapt and engage with its community across different platforms, enhancing the overall streaming experience.

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xQc’s monumental deal with Kick marks a significant milestone in the streaming industry, highlighting the changing dynamics and opportunities available to content creators. The positive response from Twitch’s CEO, Dan Clancy, reflects healthy competition and a supportive environment within the streaming community. As xQc embarks on this new chapter, he affirms his commitment to Twitch while exploring the exciting possibilities that Kick offers.


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In the words of xQc, “I’m just diversifying, and this is just how it’s going to be.” Fans can expect an even more diverse and engaging streaming experience from xQc as he continues to push boundaries and embrace new platforms. His journey serves as inspiration for other streamers to explore new horizons while maintaining strong connections with their existing fan base. The streaming landscape is evolving, and xQc’s deal with Kick exemplifies the spirit of innovation and growth in the industry.

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