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11,111 People Sign Petition to Make Trump, Biden and Obama Play Minecraft Together

Published 05/02/2023, 2:36 PM EDT

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AI has been taking the world by storm. From writing code for games to creating deep fakes of celebrities, AI is certainly providing endless content to fans. One such incident of celebrity deep fakes became extremely popular, picking up traction. It features the last three US presidents playing Minecraft together.

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This genre of deep fakes was popularized by @deepfakenews on TikTok, gaining over 100K followers in the process. What started as a deep fake joke may become a reality if enough people are willing to sign a particular petition.

The last three US presidents might play Minecraft together


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Recently, a petition on is going viral. This petition has come up with an uncommon request to Make Trump, Biden, and Obama play Minecraft together. And more surprisingly, the petition is already nearing its goal. Getting closer to the goal of 15,000 signatures, the petition has gained 11,111 already!

The man behind the unusual request is Scott Seevers, who calls himself an avid fan of Minecraft. He has urged the presidents to play together to show the power of unity and bipartisanship. He continued in the petition, “We urge these leaders to set aside their differences and show the world that even in the midst of political turmoil, we can still find ways to come together and have fun.”


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Although it is highly unlikely that the presidents will meet up in a Minecraft lobby, fans still have a lot of AI-generated content of presidents’ gaming to enjoy.


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US presidents playing games together

Not only in Minecraft but memes of US presidents playing games has entered the zeitgeist. Arguably the funniest ones are where the AI quotes lines used by presidents in office or during presidential debates. The AI-voiced presidents have invaded games like Modern Warfare II, Fallout: New Vegas, Pokemon, and League of Legends.

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What are your thoughts on the possible collaboration between the last three US presidents? Let us know in the comment section below.

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