Nintendo Deserves More Credit for Giving Its Fans Flawless Bug-Free Games

Published 10/21/2023, 2:54 AM EDT

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Nintendo is known for its exclusives; games like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. are always at the top of sales and score charts for a reason. The reason is the amount of effort that Nintendo’s developers put into their titles. There’s much to love about this Japanese giant and its exclusives. Apart from graphics and other things, the hard work of the Nintendo developers is also clearly evident through the seamless and smooth gameplay of the Nintendo titles.

Along with the amount of creativity that they showcase, Nintendo Switch exclusives have this one thing that’s very special: their flawless code. Rarely a Nintendo game released in such a broken state as Cyberpunk 2077 or Starfield. Maybe we need to appreciate Nintendo as a developer a bit more.

Nintendo and its way of holding the user experience above all


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This Japanese gaming giant started shop as a playing card company, then moved on to toys, and then turned to gaming. They changed everything about themselves, but one thing remained the same: their will to surprise their customers. That’s why Nintendo has strived to release video game consoles that are way more than just a way to play games; they always end up being an experience – an experience that creates a statement in the industry.


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Gameboy gave it the handhelds, and Nintendo DS brought in touchscreens even before touch-screen phones were a thing. The Wii was a console with a very approachable design and a simple way to interact with games—just point and press the button. 3Ds brought the glasses-less 3D handheld to its fans, and Wii U gave them a way to play console games even when the TV was turned off.

And everyone knows what the Nintendo Switch does. It is basically the culmination of everything Nintendo has learned over the years. They have done something very similar with the games too. From Super Mario Bros. 3 to Mario 64, or The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which is to this day the best game according to the Metacritic score They know how these things work; if you give fans excellent games, they will come back for sure.

This excellence, as mentioned above, is visible in most of Nintendo’s first-party titles. While they do have an odd day-one patch for their games every now and then, they are hardly as bad as the likes of The Last of Us Part 1 or the Uncharted collection on PC. It’s just like Shigeru Miyamoto said, “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”

And it has been a pattern in gaming nowadays: developers release flawed or outright broken games, and they spend most of the post-launch time fixing them. In Nintendo’s case, this problem is a rarity, and when it happens, it is not Nintendo who makes a mistake.

Games like Metroid Prime Remastered and Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are some of the best-looking games they have released. Yet one of them runs on Switch at 60FPS and the other at 30FPS without any problems at all.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were something unexpected

While there’s no shortage of exclusives on Nintendo Switch, they partner with Game Freak to develop Pokemon games. That’s why the developer has been handling the development of this franchise ever since its inception. There’s nothing that can explain why Nintendo allowed games in such bad condition to be released on their console. Maybe they did it because they are aware of Pokemon’s audience, which would definitely buy a new Pokemon game at launch.

And that’s how these games came to light, but both the developer and Nintendo are working hard on fixing them. Here’s hoping they end up succeeding.


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Still far better than the competition

While Nintendo releases flawless games, some developers like Bethesda and CD Project Red take their fans for granted and release utterly broken games. Bethesda fans go around being all protective of their favorite game. But everyone knows that Bethesda has developed a game that needs a number of fixes, and they stay consistent. That’s exactly what they did with their space-epic Starfield. Fans are finding new bugs and glitches in that game pretty regularly.

Same with Cyberpunk 2077; yes, CD Projekt Red developed a game that was in very bad condition and then spent almost 2 to 3 years fixing it. It is finally all fixed and also has an excellent DLC accompanying it. But who has the time to wait three years?


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This is why, some small issues aside, Nintendo is the crowned king of making games with no problems. And they really need some appreciation for all the effort they put into gaming.

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