Did CS2 Make a Mistake by Releasing Too Early?

Published 09/29/2023, 1:10 PM EDT

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With the launch of the sequel of Counter-Strike, Valve aims to redefine the FPS world. They had been teasing the launch of CS2 for quite a while, even dropping a list of new features the game brings. This included some revolutionary features like tick-rate independent gameplay and dynamic smoke grenades. This made many fans eagerly await the imminent release of the game. The story after the release, however, is a very different one. Did they get everything right?

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While at first glance the game is mesmerizing the fans, the flaws soon start to appear as the players start to play. A question that arises after this is – did Valve release CS2 sooner than they should have?

CS2 gets plagued by bugs during matches


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The release of Counter-Strike 2 is turning out to be a rocky one. Netizens have started to express their mixed feelings about the game on the internet. Since its release on September 27, players started to experience the Missing Executable error on Steam while downloading.

The missing executable bug is a common occurrence during installation or while updating. Players encounter a message that reads, “Failure: ‘The error occurred while updating Counter-Strike 2 (Missing Executable).”


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While this is a common bug for third-party games, it should not have been a common occurrence for CS2, knowing both the platform (Steam) and the game belong to Valve.

The next bug plaguing the game is based on one of the features Valve used to promote CS2. Since its announcement, Valve has been actively promoting the dynamic smoke grenades they have made. The players could interact with the smoke and use it for tactical advantage. However, the developers deployed this revolutionary feature without proper testing.

The smoke grenade is interacting in a strange manner on B site of the Nuke map, leading to it becoming translucent. So deploying a smoke grenade on Nuke map’s B site is useless until fixed.

And there are many minor bugs present in the game too, which has caused players to look at how to resolve them online. Netizens agree that the smoke bug has caused some funny instances to occur in the game too. While these hilarious instances may attract more casual players to the game, bugs like this could turn out to be a pro player’s nightmare.

What do the pro players feel about Counter-Strike 2?

No doubt Valve is hard at work to fix these nasty bugs spawning in the game. With the Day 1 patch, Valve has resolved many persistent bugs present in the game. The devs have fixed bugs like Famas reloading too early and attackers not being able to hear headshot feedback through wallbangs or smokes. But this has made many pro players question whether or not CS2 is ready for competitive play.

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G2 Esports’s CS:GO pro player Nikola Kovač, better known as NiKo, shared his thoughts about the new title from Valve. While he agrees playing the new game is turning out to be quite fun, he feels the game is not ready to hold a competitive tournament.

Many fans have also started to question Valve’s decision to delete CS:GO for the new title without properly planning out a big event or tournament. This has led many fans to speculate whether Valve released CS2 earlier than they should have. Furthermore, a string of memes related to the bugs present in the game have started to circle the internet.

However, players should note that Valve is actively trying to fix the bugs present in the game. However, the growing list of bugs does not further their cause of promoting CS2 as the replacement of CS:GO.

Will Counter-Strike 2 be able to replace CS:GO?


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At the moment Counter-Strike 2 does not look like an ideal replacement for CS:GO thanks to the bugs players are encountering. However, it surely has the potential to replace it. Valve has brought forth many groundbreaking changes to a game that holds a special place in the hearts of the fans. And CS2 might be the perfect sequel to carry on the legacy of CS:GO. But only if Valve proactively starts to fix the bugs present in it.

However, Valve also had to release the game in a window that the fans would be excited to play it. The last CS:GO tournament took place about four months before the release of the game. And Valve had to release the game a good amount of time prior to the first CS2 tournament. While the game is undoubtedly contains bugs, having the game available to the general masses helps pinpoint them faster.


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The developers at Valve will know what bug is becoming a hassle to the majority and actively try to fix it. In this way, the game would hopefully be free from any major bugs before the first official CS2 tournament. And if you want to try out the game for yourself, make sure to check out the starter guide for Counter-Strike 2 before you proceed.

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