MrBeast Has These Biggest Competitors in the YouTube Space

Published 11/16/2023, 5:05 AM EST

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YouTube’s content creation space has evolved into a more dynamic and diverse spectrum spanning across various genres. With the introduction of short-form-content like Shorts, the traffic has grown big time. However, some big names have managed to keep up with the fast-growing audiences and stay relevant in the mainstream industry. Of course, MrBeast remains the pioneer of such a league of creators. The star entertainer has been dominating the YouTube trends for a long while now. But MrBeast fans feel that eventually some growing names might give him stiff competition. So, who are these big competitors of the YouTube King? 

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From winning four consecutive Streamy Awards for Content Creator of the Year to reaching 200 million subscribers, it seems like there’s no stopping MrBeast in 2023. At the beginning of the year, there were projections of the YouTuber reaching the 200 million mark by the end of December, but it turned out to be merely an understatement of the creator’s capabilities. Now, as the creator moves into the next chapter of his YouTube journey, his claim to the ‘Biggest YouTube Channel’ crown seems only about time. Meanwhile, from the competition point of view, there might be some ‘good hiccups’ on the way in the form of some other superstar youtubers on the rise. Have your bets ready? Here’s a look at all the competition MrBeast could face. 

MrBeast’s 5 biggest YouTube competitors 


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  • IShowSpeed

IShowSpeed who recently crossed 20 million subscribers on YouTube is unarguably the fastest-growing streamer creator in the world. The Variety Streamer of the Year 2023 has witnessed phenomenal growth in popularity, especially in the past few months. Who can forget the iconic moment when Speed met his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo? From such massive collaborations to hilarious experiments during live streams, Speed has left no stone unturned to mark his presence in the mainstream space. Evidently, the streamer’s unfiltered witty nature has resonated magically with the youth. 

One major similarity between Speed and MrBeast is their consistency. Thus, it won’t be surprising if Speed ends the year with around 30 million followers on the platform.


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  • T- Series 

Well, you cannot keep T-Series out of the game. In fact, after the whole PewDiePie vs T-Series fiasco, there’s always been an unstated contest against the Indian Music label. While the YouTube King is making some strong progress to dethrone T-Series as the ‘Most subscribed channel on the platform’, the Music label has also been continuing to grow. So even if MrBeast ends up dethroning T-Series at some point, the competition will remain fierce.

At the time of writing, T-Series has 253 Million subscribers, 43 million more than the active count of MrBeast’s main channel. But at the rate at which the youtuber is growing, it’s just a matter of time.

  • Airrack

Airrack, who was also nominated for the Creator of the Year, might be the closest to Jimmy in terms of content. Eric Decker aka Airrack seems to have quite the similar appeal to the internet audience. From implementing wild challenges to the big production value, there’s a strong sense of Jimmy vibes you might get from Airrack’s content. 

The creator has almost 15 million subscribers at the time.

  • KSI 

Another streamer on the list and not a surprise. KSI’s success story has also run parallel to the graph of MrBeast. The streamer features into a wide range of content that goes well beyond the realm of ‘just entertainment’. Moreover, collaborations with the Sidemen make him stay in the internet buzz. 

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The streamer’s business venture, Prime, makes him stand strongly among the very few successful creators turned businessmen. So, if not as a content creator, surely he can compete as an entrepreneur.

  • The Sidemen 

If an individual cannot pull it off, YouTube’s ‘Avengers’ might! The Sidemen are probably the most popular YouTube group on the platform. According to the UK top creator list in the UK, they were the second-ranked channel after MrBeast. The group’s seven main members, all well-known creators in their own right, came together in 2013. The group was formed by JJ “KSI,” Josh “Zerkaa,” Ethan “Behzinga,” Harry “W2S,” Simon “Miniminter,” Vikram “Vikkstar123,” Tobi “TBJZL.” Their YouTube empire spans four channels, including the Spanish one, just like Jimmy’s does. Shorts and reaction videos are available on different platforms. 

Their success was influenced by a variety of things, but what set them apart from most other content creators was the genuine sense of camaraderie they shared. Additionally, they conveyed a feeling of offering their audience a peek into the everyday lives of a group of friends. 

The friends turned YouTube Royalty is close to hitting the 20.5 million subscriber mark and it would be interesting to see if they try to bring any change to their weekly posting formula. 

“I’m one of the most competitive guys on the planet”: MrBeast discusses competition

One thing’s certain, Jimmy, even at the prime of his work, doesn’t like to take his audience for granted. Hence, YouTube’s superstar prefers to keep an eye on his competition. In fact, the creator has a very clear thought progress to his competition on the platform. 


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During a podcast interview in June, Jimmy had expressed his opinions on the content rivalry.

I’m one of the most competitive guys on the planet. I’ve already pushed the max but I would be just like okay why do I need to sleep nine hours a night, I’ll just start sleeping six. There’s always a way to improve. For me one of the things I lacked was storytelling. I didn’t have mentors or teachers to help me get any of this. I’m learning as I go. It’s like my videos now, some of them are just 10 of my old videos out together, so that’s how crazy it’s gotten,” he shed light on his approach.


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Whatever MrBeast’s formula is, it’s clearly working. And the future of streaming is certainly exciting with creators like MrBeast in the game. 

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