PewDiePie: How the Former King of YouTube Brought Minecraft Back to life

Published 02/22/2023, 1:24 PM EST

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Minecraft is the dark horse of the gaming industry. While other games try to top each other with innovations in graphics, Minecraft became a gaming as well as a cultural phenomenon with mere pixelated blocks. However, even Minecraft once needed saving and wearing the cape a victor appeared. And it was none other than the former ‘King of YouTube’ himself, PewDiePie

Minecraft has been around for more than a decade. Although it has never truly become irrelevant, in 2014 the game lost a lot of interest when tech giant Microsoft bought it from the original devs. After that, the gaming community wasn’t interested in the game anymore until the Swedish YouTuber, PewDiePie, barged into the scene. 

How PewDiePie saved Minecraft


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In 2019, the game saw a small resurgence. Seeing it as a good opportunity to use the traffic for his channel’s gain, PewDiePie uploaded the first episode of his Minecraft series and, immediately after, the trend of Minecraft started gaining a lot of steam. The search volume started climbing immensely for the game.

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After that, PewDiePie continued his Minecraft series for a long time. Each and every episode of the series received 10-15 million views on average. The community of Minecraft suddenly became very active as Pewds frequently gave shoutouts to the Minecraft creators that he followed to learn more about the game. 


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One of the main selling points of Pewd’s series was his immense storytelling talent. Anyone who is following him since his early ‘Amnesia’ era may be familiar with this. He makes random NPCs and mere objects vital characters in a grand plot. Minecraft was no different in that regard. 


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Each episode of PewDiePie’s series followed his narrative. The audience rejoiced with him when he met his dog friend Sven and cried when Jorgen (horse) died in a Nether gate. From the first episode to the last one where he slew the Ender Dragon, the entire journey was recorded in YouTube history as an epic.

Minecraft garnered 1 trillion views

PewDiePie’s series attracted a lot of attention to the game, and not only did it help Minecraft become relevant again, but it also helped a lot of people make a name for themselves. 


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In 2021, YouTube celebrated the game as it accumulated a total view count of 1 trillion on the platform. Countless creators contributed to this feat, including the Minecraft sensation, Dream. However, even Dream once shared that he was inspired to make Minecraft content due to PewDiePie’s series.

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