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PewDiePie Twitch Ban: Best Friend and Close Confidant CinnamonToastKen Called Out The Platform’s Hypocrisy

Published 05/10/2023, 10:00 AM EDT

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Recently, a lot of controversies arose when Twitch decided to ban the PewDiePie Infinite channel without any clear reasons. The semi-retired former king of YouTube never truly used the platform of Twitch, but in an innovative way, he made his Twitch debut. Pewds became one of the very few content creators in the world to have an infinite stream. 

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An infinite stream is when a creator makes a long queue of their content backlog and continuously streams it in an infinite loop. PewDiePie made a dedicated channel on Twitch to start his infinite stream. This stream was going uninterrupted until, on May 9th, Twitch decided to ban the channel for no apparent reason.

CinnamonToastKen reveals an unseen detail behind the PewDiePie Twitch ban


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After PewDiePie’s Infinite channel got banned, all his fans, followers, and friends bashed Twitch for their lack of responsibility in banning the channel. The internet community was already upset due to Twitch’s sudden ban on Kai Cenat, and the ‘unreasonable’ ban of Pewdiepie only fueled the already raging flames. 

On Twitter, Ken wrote, “Huh twitch bought rights to play his videos and hand pick them…and got banned lol” revealing that Twitch had purchased the rights to stream PewDiePie’s videos and handpicked the ones they wanted to show on the platform, yet for some reason they still opted to ban his channel.


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There haven’t been any solid reasons provided by Twitch yet. Visiting his channel shows the text, “This channel is temporarily unavailable due to violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Services.” However, the fans have been busy speculating on what the reason could be behind Pewd’s sudden ban.

Many believe any one of his backlog videos could’ve had some questionable content that may have initiated the ban, but at the same time, all these videos being “hand-picked” by the platform doesn’t help Twitch’s already declining public opinion.

The fans gave their thoughts on the controversial ban 

On Twitter, fans got busy sharing their thoughts and theories about what could have made this happen. Some said this was caused by “incompetent management,” and this could be the beginning of the end for the platform as “Twitch is digging its own grave.”

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