PlayStation 5 V Xbox: Analysis Report Predicts Winner and Pricing

June 15, 2020 3:01 pm

The wait for a glimpse of the new-gen PlayStation 5 was finally over last week. The launch event gave fans a look at the new console and plenty of new game titles. Now, analysts have started their set of predictions on which console will win over the market. 

PlayStation 5 will outsell the new Xbox

Ampere Analysis has released a report on the console market’s current stand. The launch of new consoles from Sony and Microsoft will certainly stir things around. Ampere Analysis remarks that innovation on hardware, software, and business model fronts will ensure that consoles will retain their importance in the market.

 “While the market is still substantial and likely to be consistently large at least during the next console life cycle, what has been proven over the last decade is that even with significant resources plowed into growing adoption on a global basis, including more serious entry into a series of additional territories, substantial hardware unit sales growth for Sony and Microsoft combined has not materialized,” Research Director for Ampere Analysis Harding-Rolls said.

The combined sale of original Xbox and PlayStation 2 is still higher than the next two generations of consoles. Playstation 2 and Xbox had a total sale of 179 million, whereas it’s only 171 million for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Shockingly, the sales for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are even less, standing at 157 Million Units.

Harding-Rolls expects the new-gen consoles to have even fewer figures. He notes that the combined sale from PS5 and Xbox Series X will be at 109 million by the end of 2024. This figure is comparatively lower to the ones that had the last-gen had.

The report also predicts that PS5 will sell around 66 million units while the Xbox Series X will sell 37 million units by 2024.

What’s in store for future

He also mentions the possible pricing for the consoles and predicts that they will go on for sale for an amount close to $450-500. His estimated sales number for PS5 this year stands at 4.6 million units, whereas for Xbox Series X, it would be 3.3 Million unit sales.

Harding-Rolls stresses on Sony being ahead of Microsoft thanks to their exclusives and global brand presence. He does add that Xbox is in a better position than before but is still behind Sony’s product.

Both the consoles are only set to launch. Sony has always had a bigger presence among the gaming community thanks to the exclusive games. If Microsoft is to step up, this could be their biggest shot yet.

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