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PlayStation Showcase 2023: Spider-Man 2 Gameplay Trailer Lights Up the Stage With New Villains and Enhanced New Mechanics

Published 05/25/2023, 9:00 AM EDT

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After a long radio silence, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has finally shown up on the PlayStation Showcase. The fans were hooked with hopes for the showcase to reveal veiled information about the Insomniac game, and the event truly delivered. Fans got a first-ever twelve-minute-long gameplay reveal of the upcoming title.

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With this considerably long reveal, fans quickly got to work and started dissecting it for as much information as they could find. The Insomniac game was really generous too, offering fans a ton of details from the gameplay reveal.

Spider-Man 2 features a ton of stunning gameplay and graphics


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Judging from the first look at the gameplay reveal, there has been a huge advancement in graphic quality. The studio has poured its heart and soul into developing this title. There are enhanced textures and lighting in the game, with an improved parallax view are all witnesses of this. The particle effects used in the upcoming title are also stunning.

Kraven the Hunter makes his appearance at the start of the reveal, leading his army to hunt his targets in New York City. The studio has added new locations too, with Brooklyn, Queens, East River, and more available for players to explore. Further, to fight Kraven and his army of goons, Spider-Man has a little help from the Venom symbiote.


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As earlier stated by the studio, the upcoming title is a single-player game, with an option to switch between Parker and Morales. However, the bigger focus will be on Peter Parker, donning the Symbiote suit.

Miles Morales is to get some new powers of his own too in the sequel


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With Parker using the Symbiote suit to fight, Miles also has new abilities and gadgets to join in. The trailer showcased some of his classic powers alongside some new ones. The Web Grabber, which pulls enemies together, and electrifying ground pound Thunder Burst are also coming in the sequel. Insomniac has also added new combat skills like parrying for Spider-Man to be mastered by fans.


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Some attacks can’t be dodged by the player and must be parried only. The new Web Wings wingsuit also allows for faster traversal for players. In conclusion, with so new features coming to Spider-Man 2, the fans will surely have a good time playing it.

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