PlayStation Studios’ New Logo Sparks Curiosity Among Fans as One Crown Jewel Goes Missing Ahead of Spider-Man 2 Launch!

Published 09/09/2023, 1:55 PM EDT

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is easily one of the biggest upcoming games on the PlayStation5. The Insomniac Games’ developed project had shared the spotlight with the hype of Starfield for quite some time. Now, as Starfield has gone through its final release, all the attention has shifted to Spider-Man 2. However, Sony’s latest marketing stunt has left fans wondering if they are banking enough on their much-awaited exclusive. 

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The clash between console exclusives is currently at its peak. It goes without saying that for Sony, Spider-Man 2 is the year’s trump card. As firmly as the fans have been celebrating the fact, PlayStation Studios’ has fueled an interesting debate online. Surprising every PlayStation fan, the Studios released their new logo officially and it excluded our very own friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! 

New logo leaves the internet in fumes


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The countdown to Spider-Man 2 has begun as the release is almost a month away. The sequel to the 2018 PS launch has kept the fans on edge for so many reasons.

Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales introduced a whole bunch of characters that most Spidey fans are familiar with. The list includes Crime boss Wilson Fisk aka Kingpin, Norman Osborn, Martin Li, Octavius, Silver Sable, the Prowler and many more. 


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And Spider-Man 2 is set to introduce more characters, namely, Kraven, Venom, and the Lizard. Even Spider-Cop’s cop buddy Yuri will be returning, but as Wraith. Moreover, with the confirmation of Venom joining Sony’s gaming universe, the hype reached a whole new level. For two reasons, firstly, we get venom, and second, symbiote Spidey.

However, even with so much going for the franchise, a controversial logo has ignited a lot of speculations. 


The Studios’ unveiled their latest logo, showing off their celebrated titles. These include classics like God of War, The Last of Us, Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon and more.


However, new logo of PlayStation Studios does not feature Peter or Miles. Adding on to this, there is no other Insomniac Games creation that could make it to the poster.

Insider Suggests the Main Villain of Spider-Man 2 Is Neither Kraven Nor Venom, So Who Is It?

As expected the poster immediately went viral and considering the release of their next project is just days away, fans are left wondering why the Spider-Man games have been omitted.

Fans looking for Spider-Man 2

The new logo took all the netizens by surprise. It was a matter of time before the PS fans started asking for a justification from the makers. The call-out was followed by a range of fan theories on what might be happening behind the curtains. 

Given the success and popularity of the Spider-Man games, it’s sad, and shocking to see the games missing.

A PS user tried to justify the move by stating their case. The user thinks that this might indeed be a marketing strategy by Sony to announce their arrival in the next quarter of 2023. 

The search for the superhero doesn’t stop. 

This user has perfectly summed up everyone’s thoughts with words of the infamous Daily Bugle reporter,  famously played by JK Simmons.


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Another user is furious at the new logo as he calls out the makers for putting comparatively underachieving games rather than some classics. 


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The absence of Spider-Man does make the logo seem incomplete. It will be interesting to see how the console giants follow up on the backlash of leaving their favorite superhero behind. 

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