Pokemon Go Earned $2 billion in 2020 after Introducing Ground Breaking Changes

January 8, 2021 10:16 pm

The pandemic shut the whole world down, ending all social activities suddenly. It led to many postponements of major gaming events and even complete cancelations. It forced video games industry to figure out how to make things work, while a social game like ‘Pokemon Go’ ran a risk of dying out. The concept of the player base venturing outdoors for Pokemon had now turned into a highly impractical and dangerous activity.

It forced gaming studio Niantic to make serious adjustments to its game, and they produced record-breaking results.

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2020 was the biggest year for ‘Pokemon Go’

The developers of the game ‘Niantic’ reversed the game’s concept to match the pandemic guidelines with better indoor spawns and enable complete remote access.

The game was changed from the outdoor social format to a dedicated indoor ‘digital’ app. Players could now interact with each other digitally with every major meet up event becoming virtual.

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Gamers were now finally able to play their favourite Pokemon game from the comfort of their room. The enhanced spawn rate and the ease of finding Pokemons inside your living space was probably the most attractive addition. No wonder the game saw a record-breaking surge in terms of player base and engagement. It all ultimately led to more micro transaction that translated into increased sales.

Take a look at the chart below provided by Superdata that compared the performance of all mobile games in the pandemic year 2020.

Chart source:SuperData

Loyal fans of the game were asking for more events or such changes that would make remote play a reality. Originally, the game allowed players to compete against other trainers remotely only after achieving a designated friendship level. Now with the pandemic breaking out, wishes of the community have all been answered.

Nintendo should keep their game the way it is at the moment, because of the staggering results. It is quite evident that the fans enjoy the game the way it is now, as oppose to its older version . The studio has to come up with a good balance between outdoor and remote events, as it will only help to gain more fans and do significantly better in the future after the world overcomes this ailment.

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