Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Disappointed the Fans With No Pokerus Amidst the Chaos of Bugs and Performance Issues

Published 11/19/2022, 6:30 AM EST

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The much-awaited Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have finally hit the shelves, and fans are going crazy to play them. But many fans are dissatisfied with the new games because of glitches and performance issues. Further, the fans are more disheartened after knowing about a classic feature being removed from the new games.

The Pokemon franchise is one of the oldest gaming series. as the first game was released 26 years ago. Now, two new titles have joined the fan-favorite franchise, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. These are the ninth-generation games in the franchise, which are playable on Nintendo’s latest Switch consoles.


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No Pokerus in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The developer, Game Freak, has introduced many new features in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. These new games have new Pocket Monsters, a unique transformation, advanced gameplay, and a new region. But amidst all this newness, the developers have removed some of the old features, including the Pokerus.

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For those who are unaware of Pokerus, it is a rare Pokemon disease. The second-generation games first introduced this virus. Usually, Pokemon caught in the wild are diagnosed with this virus. Later, adding that infected Pokemon to a player’s party will infect the other ones in the party.


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Although it might sound bad, Pokerus was a beneficial virus for a Pokemon. After all, the infected Pocket Monsters gained more EV points than non-infected ones. As a result, it was easier to train the ones with the Pokerus virus. But this beneficial virus is not there in the new games.

Pokemon dataminer revealed that after hours of testing the game, there is no trace of Pokerus in either of the titles. Even forcefully infecting the Pokemons with the rare virus didn’t help, as there were no changes to the EV stats. So no more infected Pocket Monsters in the new games.

Bugs and performance issues are a headache for Pokemon fans

Every gamer wishes not to encounter bugs or glitches, but the Pokemon fans were not lucky. The new titles, Scarlet and Violet, are full of bugs, glitches, and have performance issues. Players have reported multiple graphical glitches in the game. They also shared the ninth-generation games don’t have smooth gameplay and also heat up the Switch easily. Let’s look at some game reactions from the fans.


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Have played Pokemon Scarlet and Violet yet? Share your thoughts about the new Nintendo Switch game in the comments below.

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