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Pokimane Apologises to the Streaming Community

Published 08/19/2020, 2:38 PM EDT

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The year has made many take up a short break. Pokimane, a Twitch streamer, recently announced that she’d be taking a break for herself. The streamer has been at the receiving end of a lot of flak and has finally come forth to apologize to the community as a whole for every past incident.

America’s Favorite Video Today

Imane “Pokimane” Anys rose to fame with her live streams. She is no stranger to the world of gaming, having streamed League of Legends and Fortnite from time to time.


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Pokimane has been the center of a series of controversies surrounding some different personalities. She has decided to share her overdue apology and clear the slate for good.

Keemstar and Pokimane controversy

The video is split into many parts with each concerning separate incidents. Pokimane starts off by detailing an incident that occurred back in 2018 between her, Keemstar, and Bowblax.

There was an argument going on between Keemstar and Pokimane on Twitter. YouTuber Bowblax made a video on the topic which was taken down due to Pokimane’s copyright action.


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Pokimane states that she tried resolving the issue directly with Bowblax, but no one had heard that side of the story.

“I’m sorry for taking down that video. Since then, I’ve not taken down any video like that. And I’ve genuinely tried to learn from my mistake,” she explained.

However, Pokimane opens up on why she was targeted by others. Many were re-uploading her content with inappropriate clickbait titles in the process.

Pokimane has voiced out on her taking down those videos, but this led many to believe that she takes down videos that shed a negative light on her actions. She adds that this doesn’t apply to those criticizing her and people misunderstood.

“This does not apply to someone who is talking about me or criticizing me. That is entirely their content, I’d never touch it.”

Reacting incident

The second incident she talks about concerns ItsAGundam. She states that she has made some remarks that she shouldn’t have, and she is deeply apologetic for the same.

Pokimane reacted to the YouTuber because he talked down to her fans, which was offensive. The fan did not have anything to do with her or her streaming. Pokimane apologized to both ItsAGundam and the video’s sponsor for her remarks.

“I want to sincerely apologize to both ItsAGundam and to the sponsor of that video for the remarks and comments I made,” Pokimane said.

She also assured that in the future if she were to comment on a video, it’ll be about the actual context and not on a certain part of the video.

Inappropriate language

There were tweets and clips circulating wherein Pokimane used the n-word. She clarifies that those date back years, and she never said it with ill intent. “I still want to make it clear that I don’t condone to the use of that language,” she said.

She also expresses that she is sorry to have upset anyone, and she wishes to change the past.

Final points


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“I don’t want my personal life to be part of my content. I want to experience my relationship without the scrutiny of an online audience. And if you disagree, that is totally alright. You don’t have to support me or my content”

She has been called out in the past on the grounds of her personal relationships. The streamer has finally decided to speak on the issue and address her fans.

To end things off, again I’m really sorry that this video is late. Despite my planned break, I should have addressed these things sooner. Or I should have addressed these things as these incidents individually occurred or better yet, incidents shouldn’t have occurred in the first place,” Pokimane concluded.


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Internet personalities will always be subject to criticism, however, what matters is that they learn from it and grow. She understands her transgressions and perspectives, and in the end, that’s what matters.

We wish Pokimane the best for her streaming future.

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