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Political Streamer Hasan Piker Shares Heartwarming Story From Childhood for Fans

Published 05/18/2023, 3:00 PM EDT

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HasanAbi, aka Hasan Piker, is one of the biggest streamers in the world. Fans know him for his political streams, views on socialism, and extensive coverage of drama. But little do we know about his story, about how or where he grew up, and what his life looked like.

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Other than his die-hard followers, not many will be knowing about this story. In the recent episode of ‘The Iced Coffee Hour’ we got to dive deep into the story of Hasan Piker, the Turkish streamer who is now considered a pioneer of the eSports world. 

Hasan Piker shares his childhood story 


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Hasan was recently featured on the Iced Coffee Hour podcast to talk about politics, capitalism, child labor, and more. It was a two-hour-long conversation, where fans learned the beliefs of the streamer as well as his ideas about better things across the globe. But there was one bit that caught every fan’s attention as it mentioned Piker’s childhood.

When asked to tell his story, Hasan revealed how he was one of the privileged kids. He started by talking about Turkey and how things were different compared to the United States. There, money was much more powerful compared to the US and had a different impact on the standard of living. Piker belonged to a well-to-do family where his parents provided enough for him. He never had to face challenges such as thinking before making a big purchase, spending hefty cash, etc. 


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In fact, his father had multiple jobs, including one with the government, so it was all perfect. But then came a time when Hasan was 17, and his father lost everything to future trading. For those uninitiated, futures trading is a segment of the derivative market, similar to options. And his father, having a green portfolio, decided to bet all their money at once. Sadly, the odds were not in his favor, as they lost everything once owned. 


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So, Piker then moved out and traveled to the United States in search of college. He was almost 18 when he realized the difference between him and a public school-going kid as he revealed the struggles of buying a meal from the cafeteria. However, that did not mean he did not enjoy the privileges of his father’s money, as he told the hosts, he was satisfied. 


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Since then, the content creator kept getting opportunities one after another, allowing him to flourish in life. And today, Hasan Piker stands as one of the most successful streamers in the industry. 

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