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Popular Fortnite Pros return for SypherPK’s Tournament

Popular Fortnite Pros return for SypherPK’s Tournament

Twitch Streamer SypherPK recently conducted a Fortnite Nostalgia tournament in Tilted Towers. The tournament had the likes of Nickmercs, Scoped, and Ayden joining in for the finals.

The tournament was featured in Tilted Towers, which was an area of the map in Fortnite until season 9, when it was remade. The tournament was a mini Battle Royale, with 16 players every round, taking place in only Tilted Towers. The Nostalgia Tourney was open to all players, with preliminary qualifiers taking place beforehand.

SypherPK called on some big names in Fortnite

The tournament advertised prizes up to $2000, with almost $1250 going to the first place winner. Qualifiers for the tournament were conducted previously (which were also streamed by SypherPK himself), and the best players were grouped into the final 16.

The finals line-up saw notable controller stars Nickmercs, Aydan, and Scoped, who SypherPK invited to participate. Some of the invited players had come back to the game after spending nearly two years away from it. 

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The final was hard-fought, with the first place position undecided until the 7th match of the round. The main race for first place was between Aydan and Scoped, who traded the positions multiple times during the entire finals round. Aydan and Scoped also had multiple encounters with each other during the last few rounds.

Scoped ended up securing first place, after a long 7 rounds.

The Tilted Towers area was removed from the main map during May of last year, as a part of The Unvaulting Event, when it was destroyed by the Volcano. Many famous streamers had returned to the map after a long hiatus. Seeing all of them back to one of the most iconic parts of the map was an extremely good bite of nostalgia for fans across the board.

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