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Popular Kids YouTube Channel Brings MrBeast’s Dreamy Chocolate Factory Into the Roblox World

Published 08/20/2022, 7:10 AM EDT

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MrBeast has been a public entertainer for years, and his popularity is well known to almost everyone from Gen Z. And not only that his ideas are so brilliant and lovely that even kids’ channels have a great time showing them to their young followers.

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That’s what happened recently when a YouTube Kids Channel recreated the whole MrBeast’s chocolate factory set in Roblox. With 20k+ views, the recreation is getting some hype on the red platform.


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YouTube Kids channel recreates MrBeast’s chocolate factory

A channel by the name of VTubers, is making highlights after recreating the famous Willy Wonka Chocolate factory in Roblox. They made it after getting inspired by MrBeast’s video. It is more surprising to know that the channel not just created the set in Roblox, but also exactly replicated the challenges put forth by MrBeast in his video.

Notably, the whole video followed the exact same pattern as the original MrBeast video, but with a slight twist. As in the original video, the participants had to make a dessert for celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. In the kids’ video, they took it in another direction by showing the hosts racing in a chocolate river.


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Apart from this most of the highlights of the original video were exactly noted in the kid’s version, even the $50,000 exchange given to the winner in place of the original factory. Notably, the reason why the factory was actually sold back to MrBeast was because of the fact that it might actually cost $100k/year for maintenance alone.

What was so special about MrBeast video?


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In his Willy Wonka-inspired Chocolate factory video, MrBeast recreated a lot of aspects of the original 1971, Mel Stuart-directed film. In his video, the YouTuber created a life-sized version of the Chocolate garden along with a river of Chocolate flowing through it.

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Apart from this, there were several other rooms such as Marshmallow Room, and a Cake, or Not room. As well as a large bottle of cola was installed outside of the factory for a challenge.


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What do you think about this new Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory-inspired Roblox video though? Will you also like to play a MrBeast-inspired Roblox game? Let us know in the comments below.



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