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Popular Youtuber Shares Plausible Dr Disrespect theory

Published 07/04/2020, 11:06 AM EDT

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It is time for another round of theories on why Dr DisRespect was banned. Popular Youtuber Keemstar shared the theory on his Twitter handle. Twitch Streamer Guy “Dr DisRespect” Beahm was banned from streaming platform Twitch last week. The reason for his ban is still not known with Twitch releasing a statement which only mentioned that Doc had violated some guidelines.

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Dr DisRespect himself shared on Twitter that he is unsure about the reason. He also thanked his fans for the love and support. 


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Since then, many have come up with their own set of rumors regarding his ban. Some were bizarre whereas some did make some sense. As for the one Keemstar shared, it is entirely debatable.

Keemstar shares a theory

Keemstar starts off stating he is not 100 percent sure of the theory. He came across the theory on the internet just like anybody would. However, he does state that this particular theory made the most sense to him. 

“People are suggesting that it is possible that Dr DisRespect didn’t break any rules. Twitch can ban anyone for any reason. It’s in their contract. They get to decide what they find inappropriate or not.


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With a guy like Dr DisRespect who has a character who is edgy. They could pick out anything and say oh okay, that’s the reason we are gonna ban him”, Keemstar said.

Dr DisRespect ban connected to Mixer?

Dr DisRespect is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. Banning him without any proper reason would bring in a lot of heat to the streaming platform. Keemstar proposes a theory that could be potentially the reason why he got banned.

Keemstar said, “Dr DisRespect was publicly saying he had an offer from Mixer. Maybe that’s true, maybe it’s not. He was saying Mixer was offering millions and millions of dollars. He was thinking of potentially going over there. And I’m sure that was used in the negotiations with Twitch to get that big Twitch deal” 

Doc did sign a multi-million deal with Twitch earlier this year. Whether he used such leverage to get that deal is unclear. Even if he did, would Twitch risk let go of him for money?

It’s reported that Twitch paid millions to keep Dr DisRespect from leaving and going to Mixer. However, Mixer just shut down. And days later after Mixer’s shutdown, they banned Dr DisRespect. 

Some are suggesting it might have been because Twitch doesn’t want to pay millions of dollars. You know, they paid those millions of dollars to Doc to keep him there, to stop the bleeding, to stop streamers from leaving, to stop them from going to Mixer”


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Mixer was shut down a couple of days back. Microsoft is all set to partner up with Facebook Gaming. So there is that slight possibility. Twitch could have banned Doc to save those millions of dollars. Since it’s already stated that they could ban anyone under any grounds, it is a total safe play. They wouldn’t lose their public image as well. 

Could the theory be true?

Even though, the theory sounds possible, we doubt if it is what actually happened. Twitch had previously lost its biggest streamers to Mixer. They wouldn’t have risked losing Doc indeed. However, they could not have released Doc because of the lack of a threat. 


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Facebook Gaming could rise up to rival Twitch as well. And if Dr DisRespect were to sign for them, that would be a big loss to Twitch. 

What do you think of this theory? Leave your thoughts on the comments below.

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