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“Problem of Growing Up..” – The Last of Us Star Bella Ramsey Shares Secret Insights on Killing the ‘Original’ Joel Actor in Episode 8

Published 03/08/2023, 1:50 PM EST

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The Last of Us is just a few days away from the much-hyped season finale. But while waiting for  Episode 9, the latest one is still fresh in every fan’s mind. After all, Episode 8 was a high-octane experience of a lot of thrilling action and heart-wrenching sequences. Everyone is still talking about Pedro Pascal’s Joel calling Ellie (Bella Ramsey) ‘baby girl‘.

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But aside from Pedro Pascal, the latest episode of the show featured two Joels. Troy Baker, who played James in that episode, was none other than the original Joel. Those who haven’t played The Last of Us games might not know that Baker was the voice actor for Joel. So it means the actress Bella Ramsey ‘killed’ the real Joel and she recently shared insights about shooting this scene.

Bella Ramsey on killing the real Joel Miller in The Last of Us Episode 8


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The Last of Us propelled Bella Ramsey to a level of popularity that she might haven’t experienced yet. No one is going to forget her name after her incredible performance as Ellie. But because of this, she also had to attend a number of interviews and podcasts. Like recently, she did a 45-minute long podcast with

In this podcast, Ramsey talked about many things related to Episode 8, which also included shooting with Troy Baker. The hosts shared a video with Ramsey where Baker was talking about how his death scene was longer than what was shown. It led them to question how many times Bella had to kill the original Joel.


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The young actress answered, “I just remember him walking around it’s like axing his neck all day. Also, me being so desensitized to all of this and just being like, Oh! Troy has an axe in his neck like it didn’t. It’s a problem of growing up in this industry, you really become desensitized to things like that.”

She further added, “That was a long day, it just kept going and going and going and going, and I think Troy was even there like they had to do a little insert shot.” Ramsey continued about shooting James’ killing scene, “I killed original Joel quite a few times, but he was like gonna murder me and like eat me so I think it’s fine.”

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Fans would have definitely enjoyed seeing Troy Baker in the latest episode, despite the fact that he was killed by Ellie. What were your thought’s on that scene? Let us know in the comments below.



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