“Inside The Last of Us Part II” is an Amazing Look Into the Upcoming Release

Published 05/29/2020, 2:19 PM EDT

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The Last of Us was one of the best games of 2013. Many have lauded it as the greatest game on the PS3, for a bunch of reasons. It offered a rich, expansive world for players to dive deep into, with fully realized characters to ground them in it. With its much-awaited sequel looming on the horizon, Naughty Dog and PlayStation gave us fans and players a deep look inside the game.

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“Inside The Last of Us Part II” creates the hype

The video series jumps into the game, giving players an idea of what they would step into. It does all this while also taking care not to ruin or spoil any aspects of the game.

The series focuses on 3 distinct aspects of the game (with the 4th to be released on June 3rd). It goes into the story, the world, and details of the game. The title is set five years after The Last of Us, where we play as a 19-year-old Ellie. 


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The game puts us in Jackson, which is a tranquil and peaceful community in the game’s version of America. This is in contrast to the opening sequences in The Last of Us, which throws the players into a hostile and dangerous environment. The video shows us how Ellie and Joel have lived, and how they have grown since their days fighting the Fireflies.

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The most monumental changes to the game would probably be in the form of gameplay. Not burdened by any underpowered consoles, Naughty Dog seems to have taken full advantage of the PS4 Pro’s (and PS5’s?) hardware. The studio has notably increased the scale of the world. They have added in new encounters, better character models, and overall better sequences.


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The video series also shows us Naughty Dog’s insane attention to detail in their work. Simple things from character animations, grass, foliage, environmental details, etc. have always been a core part of their game. The Last of Us Part II seems to be no exception.

Overall, the game promises to satiate the fans’ 5-year-long wait, and might just go even further, if these videos are any indication.


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