Reports Suggest Fortnite Item Shop to Get a Revamp

September 4, 2020 10:00 pm

Season 4 of Fortnite battle royale gave the players a lot of cosmetics to choose from. The last season featured DC heroes and villains. For those who love to collect and keep a track of skins, Epic Games may yet have a surprise in store. 

iFireMonkey uploaded a video on YouTube that explained the grand plan Epic has with respect to cosmetics in the game. Players have expressed their discontent with the same items getting recycled every time and now, the item shop is about to get a major makeover. The community speculated on this for a while, simply because of the custom skins and gear the game files hinted at.

Data miners like Hypex and iFireMonkey have spent hours researching the secret codenames Epic likes to use. This is a prevalent method known to hide important details. For instance, the first time the players heard of Nexus War was from these code-words. Now, the item shops tab might get another major revamp as suggested by these code-words.

Fortnite item-shop to get a major revamp

According to iFireMonkey, the community speculated that this could’ve been the upcoming “save the world” item shop. However, that is not the case, as that idea was scrapped months ago. 

Several players have also explained how they get the same emotes and cosmetics with the randomizer. Thus, it is fairly certain that Epic Games is trying to shift things in a big way.

iFireMonkey also tweeted about the shop tabs that will be helped by this revamp. The “Customize Your Hero” and “Music Packs” tabs would attract any player at first sight. The “Customize Your Hero” tab is a hint that later on in Season 4 players might be able to create their own superhero cosmetic. There is a good chance that this is going to be restricted to the current superhero pool. However, a lot of V-bucks would be needed for that.

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Customizable battle pass rewards

Hypex and Lucas 7 Yoshi are also popular data miners. On the Twitter post by iFireMonkey, they discussed how this feature hasn’t been activated yet. It is unlikely that Epic Games will make such a big change without a proper announcement. 

The big news suggests that when this feature comes out, it will come with a guarantee. Every time players purchase something, it will always include something new as the reward. Thus, one can rest easy without the worry of getting another recycled cosmetic. 

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