The open world action-RPG Atlas Fallen is almost here. The game gives major God of War vibes, from sceneries to combat to weapons to monsters, as revealed in the gameplay videos. As revealed by the developers, the game will heavily include fantasy elements, including something unique to them, which is sand magic. Players will be able to use sand particles to craft weapons and spells.

With the game certainly looking enticing for action lovers, developers Deck 13 Interactive will have high hopes for the game’s success. Only time will tell how players receive the game. Meanwhile, critics have given their verdict.

What are critics saying about Atlas Fallen?


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From the second fans first hear about a game, right up to the release, fans want to know everything. This includes first looks, gameplay reveals, leaks and so on. Why? It’s all about the hype. It builds anticipation. And game developers want the fans to be pumped and hope to deliver the best experiences to players. Part of this anticipation is critic ratings, and the word is out.

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A handful of critics reviewed the game. And the consensus is positive. This is certainly music to the ears of the team responsible for the game, as well as the players. Techraptor praised the game for its combat, movement, open world, and being smooth. Lords of Gaming praised it for its combat, premise, and performance mode frame-rate. It received praise from ALtChar for its combat, traversal, battle sounds and more.

On the other hand, Games Hub took issue with the sound design and attack animations. And Try Hard Guides has called it a confusing mess.

Popular game critique Metacritic compiled scores from various credible critiques and gave it 72. At the time of writing, the score was 74 on the PC, based on 10 critic reviews.

How does Atlas Fallen Compare to other Action RPGs?

Metacritic compiles the scores of multiple trusted critics and gives a metascore. Like it or not, it helps to decide what to expect. With the metascore for Atlas Fallen in 70s, good things can be expected from the game.


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The game draws similarities with one of the biggest Action RPG, God of War. A masterpiece by Santa Monica studios, God of War 2018 and God of War Ragnarok, both got a supremely good response from reviewers. They praised the games for Combat, interaction with NPCs, visuals and everything fans look for. God of War and its successor, God of War Ragnarok, both scored 93 on Metacritic. Another superhit in the same genre, Horizon Zero Dawn has a score of 89, while Horizon Forbidden West sits at 88.

With the review scores out, it will be interesting to see what players have to say about the game. The game releases on the PC, as well as consoles, including the PS5 and Xbox series X and series S.


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Will you be playing Atlas Fallen? What do you expect from the game? Let us know in the comments.

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