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Riot Games’ Ambitious Plan to Revolutionizing eSports Analytics by Unifying Valorant Data With Cutting-Edge In-Game Integration

Published 05/13/2023, 8:30 AM EDT

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The eSports circle of Valorant is currently filled with neck-to-neck competitions across the globe. Professional tournaments are turning out to be massive successes, where fans watch the best players across the world compete for glory. Riot Games have gone to extreme lengths to bring this to life. From the creation of franchising to the road to Champions, there exists a lot of tense competition.

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The community across the world is tuning in day after day to watch these massive events unfold. Now, it seems that Riot Games is taking one additional step to make it easier for the audience.

Valorant is bringing an eSports hub into the game


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There are a lot of ways through which we can watch a professional match. One, you can go to the arenas where these matches take place. But if you are not close, and prefer the comfort of your house, there are tons of live streams as well. But, the entirety of the tournament may likely be not available through just streams. For understanding standings, schedules, and many other interesting data, one would have to navigate a bit in the online space. So, to alleviate this challenge Riot Games are bringing its very own eSports hub.

According to the latest reports, Valorant is developing this exquisite system into the game as we speak. This would be an ideal move to bring competitive data and live stream under one roof. Though this is a great move, an obstacle for the developers is: what will happen to Twitch drops? For those who are unaware, Valorant offers Twitch drops for major events after the audience completes a certain level of watch hours. One also needs to tune in during the events to get these.


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These are some interesting complimentary gifts from the game. So, will it be there in the new eSports hub? The answer is yes. Reports indicate that watching through the hub likely would reap benefits. Finally, though there is already an online browser hub for Valorant eSports, this new system would be completely in-game-based.

Fans are excited to experience this new chapter unfold

The fans received this new concept with open arms. The chance to experience everything all at once is something hard to pass over. Some others, however, took this as a chance to raise their demand for a reply system.


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This demand has been quite vocal in the Valorant community for a long time, but till now an official arrival of the system is yet to be sanctioned by Riot Games. We as a community can expect the new addition (eSports Hub) in the future patches.

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