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Riot Games Attempts To Save Face After Major Launch Issues in Valorant

Riot Games Attempts To Save Face After Major Launch Issues in Valorant

Just a day after launch, Valorant has gained a lot of attention, but not for what you’d expect. The coast was clear for the game to establish itself at the top of the ladder, but is now taking massive hits. The game is currently under emergency maintenance in specific regions.

Issues with Valorant

The game first went live in Brazil, North America, and LATAM. Some hours later, Riot Games faced its first issue. Several players complained about the game restarting over and over again. Connection errors aren’t something you’d like to see in an online game, and Riot realized the situation.

This was followed up by the game shutting down for maintenance in Europe. Valorant tweeted that they were resolving an issue with instability and would be back within an hour. Soon, Asia Pacific regions and South East Asia servers were brought down for maintenance.

As if these weren’t enough, players also faced an issue with their in-game items purchases. During the closed beta, several had purchased Valorant Points, which seemed to be missing after the global launch. Players were growing increasingly frustrated with their purchases not showing up.

The game is being massively criticized on Twitter. Several users even referred to the game as ‘dead’. With the game servers being down, Riot Games is under a lot of pressure.

Battle pass comes down crashing

Valorant launched its battle pass with many expectations. The newly launched ten chapters have caused immense pressure for the developers. Players who purchased the premium pass received no rewards as they progressed in-game.

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The entire objective behind the battle pass was giving the players something new to utilize. Now with the rewards not being given out, players are thrashing the game. Valorant did update that they have fixed the issue, but Asia-Pacific regions are still waiting for Riot to correct the problem.

Richard Lewis, on Twitter, commented on the issue stating the game is getting wrecked on Metacritic. He also added that he wasn’t expecting this, given the excellent feedback the game received from the closed beta.

Riot Games is trying its best to fix the issues, but the situation is a red flag by all means. For a game launched only yesterday, Valorant is receiving a lot of hate from their players. If things continue, the game may never bounce back. Hopefully, Riot Games fixes everything in time.

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