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“Ronaldo Is Trying Everything in His Power to Avoid Speed” – Fans Troll IShowSpeed After Portugal Forward Cristiano Ronaldo Misses His Fourth World Cup Game

Published 12/10/2022, 11:15 AM EST

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IShowSpeed has attended another Portugal world cup game, and fans are going crazy. The twitch streamer made his second appearance during Portugal vs Morrocco quarter-final match, held in Qatar on December 10, 2022. And while most of his fans were happy to see him live, the others continued to troll him over the ‘Ronaldo curse.’

Speed is one of the die-hard fans of the Manchester United forward, as he can’t stop talking about him when asked. The content creator often shares his love, mimicking his tricks, popular lingos, outfits, etc. But sadly, his favorite football player somehow acts as a dark catalyst as fans tend to blame Speed for his downfall. 


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Fans troll IShowSpeed after Cristiano Ronaldo gets benched for the world cup quarter-final against Morrocco 

Cristiano Ronaldo seems to be having a spiraled world cup as Portugal’s football coach benched him for multiple games. Despite his phenomenal track record, Fernando Santos reserved him at his seat, limiting fans to merry appearances.

This moment happened after the South Korea game controversy. Santos did not like his statements, considering his seniority, and took a fiery decision. And while the world recovered from it, a handful of fans had a different theory. 


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IShowSpeed, a popular internet creator, attended the world cup to see his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo. The 17-year-old made three appearances, cheering his favorite, as well as his national team. However, when Speed attended the game, Ronaldo seemed to be reserved, becoming the start of another controversy. Fans started a trend, calling it the ‘Ronaldo Curse’ and pinning it on Speed. 

They complained that Speed was unlucky for the football legend, as he would be benched whenever the YouTuber was around. So, fans expressed their feelings via multiple social media photos, videos, and posts, trolling the content creator, far well.

One of them even went on to say“Ronaldo is trying everything in his power to avoid Speed.” Here’s what the others said. 


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All in all, it looks like Speed might avoid featuring in football games after the massive trolling during the world cup. 


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What are your thoughts about this? Do you think there might be the ‘Ronaldo Curse’ due to Speed? Let us know your valuable opinions in the comments section.



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