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Rumor: Horror Franchise Scream Is Getting a Video Game Adaptation

Published 09/26/2023, 9:01 AM EDT

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Video Game adaptations of movies have always been a controversial topic. While some fans love the idea, others stand completely against it. Although some studios expertly pull it off, making a game that does justice to the movie is extremely difficult. In the past, games like Blair Witch Project and Tron have successfully created video games based on movies, and ever since fans have craved more.

America’s Favorite Video Today

A recent rumor has surfaced on the internet that a horror movie franchise is looking to build a game. Although everything is still speculation, fans are excited to know that one of their favorite franchise is doing a video game adaptation.

Scream the Survival Horror Game


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There have been many leaks and videos around the popular franchise Scream getting a new video game adaptation soon. Interestingly Scream already has a game out under its name and it’s a tabletop board game. This time though, there is news about a video game adaptation of Scream which is set to release as a survival horror game.

A recent leak from a Twitter user named The Tipster started the rumor and it is important to note that they have had a good track record when it came to leaks. In the post, the user mentioned the beginning of the rumor going back to May. The post also discloses that the game will be developed by Supermassive Games who are known to create a few horror titles like The Dark Pictures Anthology” and “The Quarry” in the past.


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One thing that is uncertain, is if the developers will be adapting a specific movie for the story or creating an entirely new narrative. While many fans would love to see a new story unveiled in the apparent upcoming game, other players would love to re-experience the iconic stories from the movies.

Supermassive Games Horror titles


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For any fan of supermassive games work it won’t come as a surprise why the team behind the movie picked this studio to make the game. Supermassive games have a history of creating some extremely scary horror games. Some of their famous titles are Switchback which players can enjoy in a VR experience using the PS VR2.

Some other successful games that the studio has produced are The Devil in Me and The Quarry which players can play on all the current-gen systems including the Xbox One and PS4. One famous title from the PlayStation 4 that helped the studio get its name was Until Dawn back in 2015. It was just the next year that they released their first VR experience called Until Dawn: Rush of Blood.


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Although there is no concrete news about this and everything we know comes from leaks, it is to be noted to take this information with a grain of salt. With a strong track record of successful horror games, fans are really excited to see what is in store for them. That being said, in case the rumors are true and a Scream video game does come out, do you think you would play it?

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