It has been a great year for horror gaming fans. Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 Remake has remained among the most celebrated releases of the year. Further, Capcom has also enjoyed great reception for its highly rated Street Fighter 6. Meanwhile, fans are still rooting for some official updates on the “biggest budget Resident Evil” game to date. Now, the latest viral leak has just added fuel to the series of speculations. Is Resident Evil 9 to be the final chapter for the current story arc? 

Capcom’s survival-horror franchise, Resident Evil is still a favorite for horror aficionados. The eighth installment in the main series, Resident Evil Village, left the fans highly impressed and asking for more. Being a straight sequel to its predecessor Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, fans were excited to see how Capcom takes the story and characters in the ninth part. However, RE 9’s progress has officially remained under the sheets for a long while now. Apparently, a popular industry insider and the developers have a conclusion planned with the next installment. 

Is Resident Evil 9 the final stop for the current story arc? 


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The last two projects under the RE banner have received phenomenal reception for the gripping narrative in survival horror. Thus, the characters and world-building have helped both the interdependent projects leave a strong impact on the industry. All those who have loved the ongoing story arc have a very special reason to look forward to the big release of Resident Evil 9. 

Dusk Golem, a renowned industry insider through Discord, quoted, The misquote there is the sequel aspect. I don’t think its as direct a sequel as RE8 was to RE7, but RE8 & RE9’s plots were planned together to help lead to a sorta’ closing chapter to the current “arc” of the series.”

Adding to the speculation, the scoop highlighted the fact that RE9 is the “biggest budget” RE product to date and also accounts for the longest development to date. If the rumors are to be trusted, RE9 has been under development since 2018 and won’t be hitting the markets before the first quarter of 2025. 

It is important to note that the predictions the scoop had earlier made about the advancements in RE9 production align with the latest claims. 

What to expect from the upcoming schedule? 


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“Capcom have considered RE9 to be a closing chapter for a few things to move onto from there to new story arcs and focuses, take the series in new directions. So RE9 is sorta’ both a closing & beginning chapter for things in Capcom’s eyes,” Dusk Golem, talking about the upcoming RE installment, stated

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The most basic deduction fans are making from the leak is the fact that Capcom will be testing the beginning of a new story arc at the conclusion of the ninth installment and the follow-up releases will take the franchise in a whole new direction. There have been plenty of instances where the developers have expressed confidence in the exciting lineup planned for the horror franchise and this latest leak only adds to the hype built around the bright layout. 


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The leak has certainly rekindled the community’s curiosity about what new Capcom has to offer in coming years. 

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