GTA 6 has made a comeback in the headlines. After the assumed voice actor of the game protagonist, Bryan Zampella was caught in an Instagram live session with Joseph L. Rubino, the ex-developer from the Rockstar Games. In this session, fans caught Zampella in his costumed antics drawing more attention to this new project of the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Since both Rockstar Games and Take-Two have been silent on their upcoming GTA 6 project, this live session spilled the beans about the game. This has triggered the anticipation of the fans in a way that many of them are focused on finding game clues in GTA Online. 

Sneak Peek from the session of the GTA 6 voice actor 


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Initially, Zampella and Rubino were seen causally talking about the recent project of the latter with Forza Motorsport. Zampella was seen being intrigued about stealing cars in the new Forza game. However, breaking the hearts of the fans, Rubino answered that this game might not allow players to do that. He also spoke about the line-up of the cars in the new game of the Forza franchise as well as declaring 400 new cars for players in the game.

This session triggered the speculation as Zampella dropped hints of his missions in Miami and Florida, club hang-outs, and adventures. He confirmed to bring specifics of his adventures in the upcoming weeks. Considering Rubino’s last association with Rockstar Games in 2016, the conversation about this duo pairing up for a bigger project has hinted at speculation among the fans. Players in the GTA community can’t overlook this conversation as they strongly believe in the collaboration of this duo in GTA 6.

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Fans’ Anticipation on new teasers of GTA 6

Since this Instagram session between Rubino and Zampella, fans seem convinced that it is a new teaser for GTA 6- Here is proof that joey rubs (Joseph Rubino) is affiliated with RockstarGames, he was apart of the Camera and Electrical Department for GTA 5 and MP3. So with him last night with Bryan hinting at GTA 6 everything as we know about Bryan as Jason has to be true so far! #GTA6 .”

However, some of them denied this to be a teaser for GTA 6- “No way Rockstar would want their main character voice actor just teasing the game that they have kept so under wraps for the last decade.”

Fans were looking forward to the gameplay on Xbox Games Showcase.

Majority seemed to share a great excitement for this new game in the franchise.


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Some of them tweeted on their expectation of a gameplay trailer from the official developers.


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Amid all the speculation, we as fans are extremely excited to get a final look at this new game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. If you share similar excitement, share your comments with us. 

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