Searching for Your First Space Suit in Starfield? Here’s a Guide to Get Your Space-Themed Outfit

Published 09/06/2023, 11:33 AM EDT

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Starfield is finally here. And the game has already been able to achieve what a lot of titles merely desire. The hype prior to its launch has been sky-high. And the anticipation was so high, it even made its way to the top of steam charts prior to its early access release. Ever since its announcement at Microsoft’s Showcase this year, the Xbox exclusive has been a mainstay on trending charts. Certainly, the launch of Starfield marks a new chapter in the evolution of gaming. 

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Bethesda’s open world allows players to explore space in a way that’s never been seen before in the gaming world. Players can build their own spaceships and explore around 1000 planets! However, there are prerequisites before a player can go off to explore. While you might find every essential needed for space exploration easily, an ideal space suit might be your big hurdle early in the game. You’re in luck because this guide will be your assistant in the pursuit of your “outfit for the day.” 

First Starfield Spacesuit: Where and How to Find?


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Besides having a strong character-driven narrative, the game provides the players a liberty of choice. Most of the time this liberty is enjoyed by the fans for exploring the vastness of the mysterious cosmos. As the developers have emphasized during the promotions, the game doesn’t fall far from the real principles of astronomy and their applications. 

For players to progress in the game or even enjoy the journey of deep space, no compromises are made with the laws. Thus, if you want to explore the world or move further with the main narrative, you will require some essentials for your journey. This includes a fleet, some wise numbers in the bank, a crew (later in the game), and a spacesuit.


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  • Why do you need a spacesuit? 

A lot of your resistance and defense comes down to the armor on your body. Any compromises with the quality of the spacesuit and helmet would make you prone to harsh space threats and enemy attacks. So you might want to get hold of a decent traveler suit as early as possible in the game. 

The best spacesuit to acquire early in the game is Mark One. This specific Armor can be availed just after completing the first main mission in the game. 

  • Where to look for Mark One in Starfield?

The first main mission takes you to a place called ‘The Lodge’. It is a space, based in Jemison Mercantile at Atlantis City. Upon getting through the interactions with the people at the place, you’ll be handed over a lodge key. 

With the key, head back to the main door at the front of the Lodge. Make a left, and look for the stairs going down. Once reach the basement, look for the spacesuit locked inside a glass cabinet. That’s your Mark One. Although there’s a twist. To acquire the suit, you’ll require a master’s level lock-picking skill. For context, the master lockpicking skill is opened at level three of the security skill under the skill tree. So, one approach to access the suit is to upgrade your skills. Wait, there’s another way to resolve the issue. 

  • Hack 

To access the suit without the lock-picking skill, you’ll have to look for a slight opening in the cabinet. Once you find the gap, a prompt will pop up. You will be able to interact with the mannequin and get your hands on the suit without needing to lock-pick.


Mark One: Features and Specifications

The Mark One spacesuit includes a pack and a helmet. The trio makes it an ideal add-on to the beginning of your space exploration. The pack offers some environmental resistance and good damage reduction. The Helmet also has good environmental resistance and damage reduction.


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The physical damage reduction score for Mark One is 120. It has the thermal airborne corrosive radiation almost as close to the legendary spacesuit availed later on in the game. 

The cost of Mark One in Starfield is around 35,000. If you’re planning to sell the suit, you may be in position to get a deal as good as 30,000 if not the whole amount, basically giving you eight thousand worth of credits. 

Tip: To get an extra 10 percent credit on the selling pitch, take your mark one in commerce. 


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Hopefully, this guide will help you get your uniform for the never-ending journey in the open-world RPG’s cosmos. 

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