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Shroud Announces Personal Line of Gaming Peripherals

Shroud Announces Personal Line of Gaming Peripherals

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek is a well-known influencer in the gaming community. Although he began his career as a competitive player, he earned most of his fame while streaming content. He has had a wonderful year and has made a huge comeback to streaming after a short break.

In a recent announcement, he took his fans by a surprise. However, it was a pleasant one, surely.

Shroud took to Twitter to announce the launch of his line of gaming peripherals. While making the announcement, he remarked that he chose Logitech as his partner since he “started using Logitech G products years ago.” Logitech quoted him on its website saying, “I’ve been using Logitech my whole life. So this was kind of like a no-brainer.”

Shroud x Logitech G Pro Details

Logitech decided to call the series ‘Logitech G Pro Shroud edition’. It contains a gaming mouse, a gaming keyboard, gaming headsets, and a mouse pad. Furthermore, all of the items in the series have only one variant. There has been no news of whether they will receive other either color or model variants.

The Pro Wireless Lightspeed Gaming Mouse: Shroud Edition would cost $129.99. It would weigh 80gms and have 1ms wireless latency.

On the other hand, the G840 XL Gaming mousepad would cost $49.99. It measures 15.75 x 35.43 in and is 0.10 in thickness.

Furthermore, the Pro X Gaming Keyboard is priced at $149.99. The Shroud edition is available in the tactile version. However, it would not be featuring RGB lighting. It features swappable pro-grade GX switches optimized for professional gaming.

The final Item on the list is the Pro X Wireless Gaming Lightspeed Headset. The Wireless headsets cost $199.99. They feature microphone filters, 50MM precision drivers, object-based surround sound, memory foam for headband and earpads, and premium steel and aluminum for a durable build.

All the items are available for purchase on Logitech G’s website and are available for pre-orders. Additionally, Logitech is offering free shipping globally on the use of code “SHROUD”. Those who purchase the items can expect them to be delivered in October.

It appears that the launch received a wonderful reaction. While replying to his earlier tweet, Shroud mentioned that the site was unavailable due to high traffic for a while. However, the issue has now been fixed.

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