Shroud Beats DrDisRespect’s Record

August 13, 2020 7:26 pm

It’s been a roller-coaster week for the gaming community. DrDisRespect streamed live on YouTube and that might just be his new home. In the process, Doc did set a record, bringing in 510,000 viewers. However, that number seems to have been beaten by Michael “Shroud” Grziesk, on his comeback stream on Twitch.

Shroud beats DrDisRespect on viewer count

Popular Esports insider Rod Breslau came forward on Twitter to explain that Shroud clocked in a figure of 517,000 viewers. A number that is slightly higher than what DrDisRespect had.

Breslau further clarified that neither YouTube nor Twitch is accurate when updating viewer count. This has been quite evident in the past when the numbers go high. We have seen similar cases when it comes to a major trailer drops or during some big streams. The same may well have happened in the case of both, DrDisRespect and Shroud.

The numbers that YouTube shows, hints that Doc did not hit even 500,000 viewers. 

Something to discuss would be Shroud beating DrDisRespect in terms of viewer count. It is widely known that both streamers are friends, and we can expect Doc to speak on this in his next stream.

Chances to go pro?

Talking about Shroud, there are many rumors going around. Many believe Shroud is going pro, while others believe it’s just bluff. The streamer did tease everyone for days with small clips and GIFs. 

He has made his return, however, that does not mean he won’t return to the pro scene. Shroud is, undoubtedly, one of the best FPS players out there. In fact, many of the top streamers have hailed him for his performances in the past. If he is to go pro, we can expect some major things.

In his comeback stream, Shroud went with streaming Valorant. This is the game many fans expect him to take up if he does go pro. 

Valorant, in its own right, is growing to be the next big thing in Esports. The chances are slim, but we won’t be too surprised if we see Shroud announcing the news himself in the near future.

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