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Sidemen FC vs YouTube All Stars: KSI Fans Hyped to Witness an Epic Encounter

Published 09/24/2022, 11:44 AM EDT

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Ever since KSI began his YouTube career, the individual has come a long way. These days, he’s become more popular with his boxing than the rapping, but the man never leaves an opportunity to stun the fans. This time, too, Olajide has come up with a huge surprise, while venturing into the soccer field!

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The time has finally come for the much-anticipated soccer match between KSI’s Sidemen FC and YouTube All-Stars. While the event is already going on in flow, social media was very well on the edge leading up to the match itself.


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Fans are excited and root for KSI ahead of the big battle

Talking about the match itself, then fans across the globe are going to witness some great scenes for sure. It’s because the charity match is featuring the most renowned social media influencers and creators that have earned a name for themselves. KSI made a perfect announcement for the awaited battle just hours before its commencement.

When it comes to the squads, then Sidemen FC consists of the top names. Here are the creators aka players appearing in the game for the team: KSI, MrBeast, LazarBeam, Behzinga, JME, Calfreezy, Karl Jacobs, Vikkstar, Callux, ChrisMD, W2S, Miniminter, Manny, Zerkaa, Pieface, TBJZL, Randolph.


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Speaking of the opponents, then these are the personalities appearing for YouTube All Stars: IShowSpeed, Noah Beck, Yung Filly, Deji, Cal The Dragon, JiDion, Niko Omilana, Chunkz, GeorgeNotFound, Theo Baker, Chris Tyson, Danny Aarons, Castro, Chandler, WillNE, Harry Pinero.

Meanwhile, some interesting and hilarious responses were also seen from the side of the players themselves. For example, LazarBeam tweeted on his account that he would “donate £50,000 to the charity” in case he succeeds in scoring a goal. The funniest part about his tweet was this line: “Anyone who defends against me hates charity.”

Coming back to the game itself, then it seems like KSI fans are quite hyped to see the Sidemen FC taking on the YouTube All-Stars. Have a look at what the followers of Olajide had to say right before the match:

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What are your predictions for the winner? Also, who do you think will be the highest scorer? Let us know in the comments down below.

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