The gaming world is buzzing at the moment with the successful sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes. Remnant 2, the latest installment of the third-person shooting RPG franchise Remnant, has garnered high acclaim in a short span just after its release. This overnight success of Remnant 2 has resulted in a special gift for all the fans.

The company behind this highly successful franchise, Gearbox, has promised to provide free extensions to the game soon. Considering the immersive gameplay of Remnant 2, this is great news for fans.

Remnant 2: A Journey of Success


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After being released on July 25, 2023, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC (via the Epic Games Store and Steam), Remnant 2 has sold over a million copies in just a few days. Although this is partially due to the option to pre-order the deluxe edition, this gigantic sale speaks for the hard work and dedication of the developers.

Remnant: From the Ashes, which introduced this RPG series to the gaming world, was released in 2019 and became a huge hit. Remnant 2 is not just carrying forward the legacy, but also surpassing its predecessor’s success.

Thanks to its overnight success, Remnant 2 has a score of 80 (for PC and PS5) and 81 (for Xbox) on Metacritic. Metacritic is one of the leading platforms for reviews and ratings of games, movies, series, and music. So, these excellent scores tell us that the huge sales numbers are not just a fluke.

The CEO of Gearbox Publishing, David Adams, is himself shocked to see these astounding results. According to him, this game has “exceeded our expectations as a commercial and critical hit.”

A gift for the fans to appreciate their support

From the point of view of the CEO, “this was a multi-year journey for us, and we couldn’t be happier to see fans having such a great time with a game we put our heart and soul into.”

As a gesture to thank the fans for their unmatched support from the very first day of the release, Gearbox will be providing a free expansion for the game. It could be DLC or future major updates as well.


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David Adams has promised on Twitter that they will provide “free additions” to the game. As of now, the developing team is fixing bugs and glitches to make the gaming experience way more superior. The free addition that Adams has promised us is in the planning phase as well. In addition to that, the company pledges to be passionate and energetic about the DLC, the same way they were for Remnant 2.

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Remnant 2 has become a huge success in just 4–5 days. As a return gift for unparalleled love and support, fans will get to explore the expanded universe of Remnant 2, that too without spending a single penny.

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