Snipers Are on the Loose in This Among Us Mod

January 21, 2021 7:51 pm

InnerSloth’s Among Us has become one of the most popular games in the world now. During the global lockdown last year, streamers started sharing videos of their gameplay, shooting the game to its current glory. However, while videos of the actual game were popular, many YouTube personalities played a variety of mods of the game.

Personalities such as MrBeast, SSundee, and even Socksfor1 played mods on their channels, making them extremely popular.

SSundee, for instance, is popular for usually playing mods that overpower the impostor. However, in a rare video that he shared on his channel, SSundee plays a version of the game that empowers crewmates instead.

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Crewmates can snipe in this Among Us mod

In this rather unique mod of InnerSloth’s party game, crewmates possess the ability to snipe the impostors. However, players must note that the sniper can choose when they wish to reveal their gun; it is usually invisible to other players. Further, if the impostor kills the sniper, other players can pick up the gun and assume the role of the sniper. This makes the game slightly more difficult for the impostors since the snipers have a shorter cooldown period compared to them.

As we see in SSundee’s gameplay, crewmates win both rounds of the game. In the first round, SSundee is an impostor. He manages to convince the crewmates of his innocence for the most part. It is not till the sniper shoots him by mistake that the crewmates learn that SSundee was one of the impostors.

In the second round, we see the gameplay from the sniper’s point of view. SSundee is a comparatively cool-headed sniper, taking very well-thought-out steps. He spends most of the game watching the cams, trying to spot any suspicious activity. He succeeds in doing so once, eliminating one of the impostors. Soon after, he eliminates the second one as well.

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