Collaborations these days have been a major aspect of games. Be it a TV series, movie, or other company, collabs right now are the biggest way to promote. Famous British luxury car brand Aston Martin might be following the same path for the promotion of their two premium models with PUBG.

Yeah, you heard it right. Aston Martin is going to collaborate with the fan-favorite battle royale, Player Unknown’s Battle Ground, or more precisely, PUBG. The excitement level is at its peak as PUBG officially announces this collaboration. Although no official release date has been confirmed yet. Let’s delve into the article and find out more about this.

PUBG x Aston Martin collab coming up soon


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Recently, PUBG’s official Twitter handle shared a video teasing about the upcoming collaboration between PUBG and Aston Martin. In the video, we can get a glimpse of the DBX707 SUV and the limited-production V12 Vantage convertible sportscar. The teaser shows the transformation of the existing UAZ and Coup RB into the following Aston Martin models, respectively, giving goosebumps to all the fans. It will be a treat for all the PUBG players to rumble the DBX707 SUV and V12 Vantage in the vast fields of Erangel.

It is worth mentioning that neither of these two have been introduced to any other games before, not even racing games. This famous grand tourer company has decided to start their collaboration journey with the famous Battle Royale title. This decision speaks to the popularity and huge player base of PUBG.

It’s not the first time a luxury car brand has collaborated with PUBG. Last year, Maclaren also had a collaboration to feature their grand tourer, the Maclaren GT, in the game.

This collaboration is also a part of the PUBG Survivor Summerfest, which also includes an epic crossover between PUBG and the famous fighting game Street Fighter 6, which is currently live and going to end on August 8th. So, there has been massive speculation that after Street Fighter 6, Aston Martin might be next.

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Not just PUBG’s mobile version, PUBG Mobile also released its crossover with Aston Martin a week ago to showcase three of their ultra-deluxe cars: the DBX707, DBS Volante, and Valkyrie.

Fans are delighted

Fans just can’t contain their excitement to cruise the luxury tourers on the battlefields of PUBG. Here are some fan reactions:

This fan is so excited for this epic crossover.

This fan can’t wait for the collaboration anymore.

According to this fan, the collaboration is super. Yes, it is.

This fan thinks this collab is the way to do it.


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This fan has already planned everything.

PUBG has always been a near and dear game to all its players.


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Now this epic collaboration will surely enhance the gameplay experience, and will increase the playerbase as well.

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