Sony Chief Says Uncharted Movie & The Last of Us TV Series ‘Just the Beginning’

January 13, 2021 6:55 pm

Sony Interactive Studio (SIE) is making aggressive moves towards turning its intellectual properties (IP) into live-action experiences. The gaming studio is looking to leave an everlasting mark on the film industry.  Jim Ryan, President of SIE, talked about the foray into the movie industry at CES2021. He also mentioned the live-action projects that are in the pipeline while also hinting at similar future projects.

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Sony Chief says entertainment is most important

Ryan talked about the values the company cherishes while creating original products. Sony celebrates creativity, diversity, and inclusivity for all, ranging from indie developers to its massive tie-ups. He also revealed his thoughts about the future of its IPs and Sony’s promise of being an entertainment company through and through.

We are also very thrilled to bring some of the best PlayStation IP to new media like film and television. You’ll see this year the upcoming Tom Holland film ‘Uncharted’ based on our iconic adventure games and ‘The Last of Us’ a gritty emotional journey will be coming to HBO.

“This is just the beginning of the expansion of our storytelling into the new media and even wider audiences.”

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Sony’s chief also stated that the company wants to entertain a wide range of audiences and not just the existing ones. He mentioned that SIE is thankful for the continued love and support from the community that enabled PS5 to become its biggest launch ever.

You can check out the video below shared by TheGeronimo73.

Sony’s aggressive push towards new media could produce interesting results soon enough. Fans are already looking forward to the returning Uncharted franchise through the film media starring Tom Holland. The company revealed the teaser trailer of the movie during ‘The Game Awards 2020’ back in December.

Ryan did not reveal any information regarding future projects. Although, it would great to see more Sony IPs receiving similar treatment in the future. For one, it would be great to see Kratos finally making his way onto the big screen after the release of existing projects.

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