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Sony’s New Patented Technology Aims at Analyzing Player’s Emotional Profiles to Prevent Toxicity From Servers

Published 04/13/2023, 7:30 AM EDT

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With the rise in popularity of online multiplayer video games, there is a growing concern among video game companies about managing negative comments on these online communities. Many game studios have tried their own ways to solve this problem. Electronic Arts also patented an automated detection system to punish malicious players.

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Now Sony has applied for a patent to moderate players’ emotions during gameplay. The PlayStation creators’ patent application has left fans in a state of confusion.

A new patent from Sony to prevent toxicity


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Sony Interactive Entertainment published an approved patent on March 30, 2023. They filed this patent, titled “Emotion Detection & Moderation based on Voice Inputs”, on September 30, 2021.

The patent describes a system for identifying and controlling emotions based on player voice inputs. It stores a player’s emotional profile, which contains rules for modifying communication based on emotional states. The system then modifies the messages sent by the player in accordance with the emotional profile of the player receiving the message.


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The emotional profile evolves with the player, also giving punishment to those whose emotional profile scores are less. A notable point here is the system does not remove or censor what the player says, but rather modifies the message to neutralize the situation. It would convert an angry message to a neutral one while retaining the original meaning. This technology can be used to prevent bullying language from affecting a player’s mental health.

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However, this patent is being received poorly by fans. They believe this will dissolve the autonomy of players. Players are remarking on how prior attempts at censorship have failed, with systems suppressing words that are not at all objectionable. The concept of Sony, while ground-breaking, may fall due to improper implementation. Sony also has revealed another patent recently.

Sony’s patent for the PlayStation controller


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Sony’s DualSense controller is getting an upgrade. Sony is trying to create a new series of controllers from an elastically deformable material, according to a new patent filing. This material would be able to change shape and temperature. This would be a great help from the sweaty grips players get during gameplay.

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While the patent application does not guarantee that this will be developed into a controller, Sony is certainly experimenting with the concept. This concept, if green-lit, would be a definite hit among gamers. Gamers would rush to buy this controller and the PlayStation 5 games that were on sale quickly. Although the price of this will be emptying the pocket if it isn’t already, that is a headache for a later date.


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What are your thoughts on the new patents filed by Sony? Let us know in the comment section below.



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