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Sony’s Gran Turismo Swifts Unharmed Through the Video Game Adaptation Curse, Garners Almost Double Its Budget in Revenue

Published 09/27/2023, 1:01 PM EDT

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After the success of the Gran Turismo video game series, Sony planned for a movie adaptation of the game. Sony has been playing with the idea since July 2013 and after a decade of planning, the movie is finally out. Although it’s common for movies based on video games to get heavy criticism, Gran Turismo surprised fans and the production team alike.

America’s Favorite Video Today

Sony announced the film adaptation of Gran Turismo when it was still in early production back in May 2022. Despite numerous production team changes, the movie was a massive success. While Sony set the movie budget to 60 million, the movie’s Box office collection surprised everyone.

Gran Turismo the $100 million success


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“Gran Turismo: Based on a True Story” is directed by Neill Blomkamp. Famous actors like David Harbour, Orlando Bloom, and Archie Madekwe starred in the film. The movie recently achieved a significant milestone at the global box office, crossing the $100 million mark after being in theaters for over a month. The film’s marketing strategy primarily emphasized its inspirational true story. It drew upon the life of British motorsport racer, Jann Mardenborough, for inspiration.

Sony’s Gran Turismo Movie Avoids Video Game Adaptation Curse And Finishing Its Theatrical Run At $110.5 Million Mark, Budgeted At $60 Million.
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The movie, which opened in a few overseas markets before its stateside debut, faced delays due to ongoing SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes. In America, Gran Turismo has grossed $39 million. Additionally, it earned $63 million from 63 overseas markets, resulting in a cumulative global box office revenue of $102 million.


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The film “Gran Turismo: Based on a True Story” found success in multiple international markets. Mexico led with $5.8 million in box office revenue, followed by Spain with $3.8 million, the U.K. with $3.5 million, Australia with $2.5 million, and France with $2.3 million. These markets contributed substantially to its global box office earnings.

The fact that Gran Turismo made nearly double its budget at box office earnings surprised everyone including Sony itself. The perception that video game-based movies are flops is changing. While there are more badly made adaptations than good in the industry, there have been some gems that have surpassed Gran Turismo in the past.

Successful Video game movie adaptations


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While Gran Turismo’s $100 million success might come as a surprise to fans, it was Sony’s previous PlayStation adaptation, Uncharted that made over $400 million worldwide at the box office. Nintendo’s The Super Mario Bros. movie became the highest-grossing video game movie ever, with an impressive $1.35 billion in earnings. Mario went on to surpass movies like Detective Pikachu and WarCraft which made $450 million and $440 million, respectively.

The Need for Speed series also got a movie adaptation back in 2014. The NFS movie ended its run at over $203 million making double what Gran Turismo has made so far. Nevertheless, the movie has outperformed movies like Max Payne from 2008 and Mortal Kombat. This success is evident in terms of box office performance.


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While Gran Turismo is still running and the box office collection is still increasing, it is clear that the stigma around movie adaptations is slowly fading away. With more and more video games getting a film adaptation, which game-based movie would you like to see next?

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