Streaming as a career has picked up steam in the past couple of years. From streamers like Pokimane to music producers like Deadmau5, it’s become a booming community. However, with such a meteoric increase in numbers and personalities comes the possibility of clashes and drama. And that is exactly what happened recently with the altercation between Dr. DisRespect and Ludwig.

Significantly, while streamer drama is nothing new, there’s no denying how entertaining it can be. In a clash for the ages, fans got to see the two streaming titans go head to head with some heavy tongue lashing. And it all started with this unassuming tweet right here.


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Ludwig takes on Dr DisRespect over poignant Streamer Awards remarks

Dr DisRespect is no stranger to online controversies and drama. His wacky antics often land him in trouble, such as the time he live-streamed from a men’s restroom at E3 2019. But his recent altercation with YouTube behemoth Ludwig stems from his strong views on the Streamer Awards. For the uninitiated, QTCinderella and Maya Higa the first-ever Streamer Awards on March 12, 2022.

The stellar affair saw the who’s who of the streaming scene in attendance, such as Pokimane, Valkyrae, and others. However, the two-time seemed to be unimpressed by the event. Significantly, he even noted the same in a Livestream, “We’re not interested in creating our own streamer award shows so that we can hand it to our best friends. Wrong!”.


But in his recent tweet, he went even further and accused the Streamer Awards of outright being fake. And this is where Ludwig stepped in to give Dr DisRespect a piece of his mind. In a savage callback to his NFT controversy, he said,

I’ll ask QT to include NFT’s in the gift bag

That should help you make an appearance

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However, Doc wasn’t going to let it slide. After a series of back and forth that also involved memes, he finally got the last word. And he made it count, as he gave Ludwig two more years of relevance because of his ‘Streamer of the Year’ award. Even QTCinderella got in on the action.


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The vicious exchange saw neither of the top streamers backing down. And they’ve made one thing clear, they have very differing opinions on the Streamer Awards. But what are your thoughts on the matter?


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