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Speculations Based on Sony’s History Suggests PS5 Might Be Here By 2023!

Published 05/14/2022, 1:20 PM EDT

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The PlayStation 5 marks Sony’s step into the realm of next-generation gaming. It is currently in its second year, and its projected remarkable sales figures were highly affected because of shortages and the pandemic.

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If we look from a historical trajectory, Sony is known to release a Pro version of its console around the time it completes its second year. The Pro version is usually better and rectified after receiving fan feedback. We might expect the PS5 Pro to be here by next year.


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Let’s look at what to expect from the upcoming PS5 Pro.

PlayStation 5 Pro: here is what the fans expect from the new upcoming model.

The fans have an assorted list of demands from Sony if they plan to bring the PlayStation 5 pro. Here are some of the most requested features for the revamped next-gen console.

More Storage Space


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The PS5 comes with a pitiful NVMe SSD, an unusual 825GB disc with only roughly 667GB of useable capacity after accounting for the system OS and other required data. On an updated system, a full terabyte drive is required, but fans think Sony should seriously consider 2TB or perhaps more in the PS5 Pro. Game sizes are still massive, although being significantly less than they could have been thanks to new-gen compression technologies.

Furthermore, the question of easier storage expansion is something that has been lingering within the community for a long time now. For expanding the NVMe storage space, users would have to buy extra storage with a heatsink. This would require you even to disassemble the console. Using external disks would be a good option for the Pro model.

Improvement in Dual Sense controller

The most concerning issue for the new Dual Sense controller is the battery life, and also the fixed battery. While the battery does last for a good number of hours; unfortunately, there is a slight chance of the battery getting cooked up. The cons of fixed battery controllers are that once the batteries’ lives are over, so are the controllers. Hence, one of the core issues that need to be solved is this one.

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Native 4K support

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4K gaming, although might be a reality, seems more like a myth right now. For years, we’ve been promised “real 4K gaming” from a variety of brands and generations. However, this usually means choosing between a higher resolution or a greater frame rate, and as everyone who has played action games knows, the latter is nearly always the superior option.

Moreover, this means you won’t be able to play your games at native 4K resolution, and the PS5 Pro will need to be powerful enough to compensate. Nothing on the console should need to run at 30 frames per second to maintain native 4K resolution. At the very least, the norm should be 60 frames per second, allowing us to enjoy games with all the graphical bells and whistles without losing playability.


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Do you think Sony might bring in the much-awaited PS5 next year? Let us know in the comments.



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