Star Wars Outlaws: All the Discoverable Planets Featured in the Ubisoft Mega Title

Published 07/25/2023, 2:52 PM EDT

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Ever since the announcement of Starfield, space exploration has been a hot topic for fan discussions. But gaming fans are eagerly looking forward to not just one but two highly anticipated Sci-Fi titles. While Starfield is set to release this September, Ubisoft’s Star Wars Outlaws will tentatively hit sales next year. 

Star Wars Outlaws is not just any random label to gaming fans. There have been plenty of speculations around the features in the gameplay, especially in response to Starfield stealing the spotlight. While we’ll have to wait for some official details, here’s all the information on the planets in the upcoming Ubisoft giant. 

From Akiva to Tatooine: every Star Wars Outlaws planet for players to explore 


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Ubisoft has been working on the publication of Star Wars Outlaws for a while now. Although they have decided to stick to narrative-focused gameplay, makers have promised an enhanced open-world experience in the forthcoming edition. The game is supposed to be set between the events of The Empire Strikes Back and the Return of the Jedi.

Unarguably, for any sci-fi genre to work, the open-world experience has to be good. It seems like the makers have paid attention to this fan concern for the next part of the series. Also, with Star Wars Outlaws being the first open-world game in the franchise, the stakes are high. The good news for space enthusiasts is that there will be plenty of planets to explore in the game. Here is everything we know about planets in the forthcoming open-world title. Hardcore Star Wars fans might recall these planets from the story.


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The land of Kijimi is from before the fall of the Galactic Empire. As the story is set in this specific period from the Star Wars storyline, there’s a high possibility of finding Zori Bliss’ mother Zeva Bliss on the planet. Players will be able to access the cold planet as it existed before the brutal attacks by the First Order that lead to the turnaround. 


Tatooine is probably one of the most significant planets in the narrative of Star Wars. Being the birthplace of Anakin Skywalker, this harsh deserted planet witnessed the early rise of Luke Skywalker. The planet was one of the most populated places in the story. But things changed over time due to the over-exploitation of resources present on the planet.

As things proceeded against the will of nature, the planet turned into a lawless sack of barren smugglers. Considering the time frame of Outlaws, it will be interesting to see how the makers proceed with the portrayal of life at Tatooine. 


During the Clone Wars, a sizable droid factory was located on the isolated Outer Rim planet Akiva, which was formerly a member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. But now, during the time frame of Star Wars Outlaws, it is governed by the Satrapy of Myrra, a prominent representative of the Galactic Empire’s despotism.

Myrra, the capital of Akiva, which was also the political center of the Gargan Empire, will most probably be accessible to the players. This makes it one of the most anticipated planets on the list. 


Toshara can be compared to a box of surprises, brought to us by Ubisoft. Technically, Toshara will mark its introductory debut in the franchise with Star Wars Outlaws. With the glimpses revealed in the trailer, the planet is expected to not be an “ideal” habitat. The newborn planet will be another ruthless world of space criminals, influencing the story of Kay Vess and Co. 


Probably call it ‘The Vegas of Star Wars Universe.’ Cantonica was a similar deserted island to Tatooine that eventually saw a changeover. Initially considered a place of smugglers and criminals, this place witnessed a glow-up with massive infrastructure and traveler attractions. Fans might recall the planets from the casino city of Canto Bright in The Last Jedi. Eventually, the planet became a corporate and gambling center. Players are sure to enjoy being entertained in the ‘Vegas’ themed space planet. 


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The fandom for the series goes well beyond the realms of the gaming community. Having numerous super-hit movies, books, and games under its label, the franchise is rich in potential. Thus, the spectrum of users Star Wars Outlaws will cater to is very wide. The makers are certainly aware of the responsibility that comes along with the development of such a high-rated title. 

Hopefully, Star Wars Outlaws will keep up with the surreal hype and expectations fans have for the title.


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Which planet would you like to plan a visit to first? 

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