Starfield Starters Guide: A Quick Guide to Outpost Building in Bethesda’s Latest RPG

Published 09/06/2023, 6:31 AM EDT

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Starfield has finally launched, and gamers out there cannot stop exploring this game’s crowded universe in their well-designed spaceships. Some are also busy solving the mystery of missing pets in this game.

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Fans are all over ship-building, and exploring 1000 planets. However, there’s another intriguing aspect to Starfield; the game’s outpost-building mechanic. This is as complex as any other system in this game, but as useful as any other, too. And we’ve got a quick guide to help players build large space outposts in no time!

It’s all about mining in Starfield


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Outposts in this game are very useful; they let players rest and unload their hoarded items in them. Furthermore, they allow for a respite when characters are too exhausted from exploring. So how exactly do you build these outposts?

Everything in these outposts starts with a mine. Every outpost needs to mine a planet so players can continuously gain useful as well as valuable materials from them in the long run.


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Supplies for building a basic mining outpost

Players require a bunch of supplies before they can even think of building outposts. Here’s a list of the most common materials they would need to build a basic mining outpost.






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The importance of the supply line and the material required to build one

A supply line is a very important part of your outpost. Yes, it’s a completely optional top build, but if one builds a supply line, it would make your life much easier. Basically, supply lines help players keep a connection between their outposts and make sure the materials and supplies stored in one outpost are available to others too.

To build a basic supply line, players would require the following :

Double everything mentioned in the basic mining outpost list

Zero Wire

Where to get all these supplies?

To get everything that players actually need to build the above-mentioned outpost and the supply line, they just have to visit Jemison Mercantile in New Atlantis.

This would not give players all the material they actually require to build an outpost. They would gradually have to come back to find more and more stuff. So it is recommended that they keep checking back.

Finding the right planet

Now players have to go on a planet hunt; all they have to do is jump to a random planet and scan it. See if that particular planet has the materials they want to mine and simply head there. This game does not have any shortage of planets, and that’s why it might take a while before they find their preferred planet.

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Although once they do, they can land and start the process of actually building.

Building an Outpost

The first thing players are required to do upon landing is to place an outpost beacon. This gives players a general area in which they can build their outpost. At the start, players can only build up to seven outposts; hence, they only have seven beacons available to them.

Upon placing the beacon, the interface to build an outpost would come up, and players would be able to start designing their outpost as they wish. The first thing they must do is place an extractor. An extractor can only be placed for detected and scanned material.


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Players can build their outpost in whatever layout they want and however they want. But they must first keep three things in mind: extractor, power, and storage. The extractor extracts the material; power equipment is used to power the outpost; and finally, storage is where all the extracted material gets stored.

Besides these, players can choose from numerous options to give their outpost a personal touch.

Eventually, when players decide to set up another mining outpost on some other planet but in the same solar system, they will be able to set up a supply line between these two by placing cargo links. Which would appear in building options once players have more than one outpost.


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We hope this guide helped out readers in their initial stages of building outposts. There’s much more beyond this point, but yes, these initial steps are very important to master.

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