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“Still Been Waiting for a MrBeast x DudePerfect Collab” – Fans Have a Sheer Demand of Seeing Two YouTube Legends Inside One Frame

Published 05/06/2023, 2:00 PM EDT

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Dallas Mavericks superstar Luka Doncic once partnered with Dude Perfect for an exciting collab, and fans are rooting for MrBeast to join forces soon. 

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The new year brought a sudden wave of happiness for Dallas Mavericks fans as their chocolate boy featured in a YouTube video. Apparently, he partnered with Dude Perfect, a group of YouTubers famous for their trickshot challenges. This feature was solely for entertainment as both parties were seen enjoying all throughout the video. Cody Jones, a budding basketball player, also joined the troop, then went against Luka in a special 1v1. All in all, fans enjoyed the 22-minute video, sharing their opinions in the comments section. 

Time passed and the community almost forgot about this classic. However, Dude Perfect found the perfect way to revive it – posting a snippet of it with an enthralling question. They wanted to know their next participant for a collab, and without hesitation, fans called out for MrBeast.


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Will MrBeast ever collab with Dude Perfect for a YouTube video?

It is no secret that Jimmy and the Dude Perfect gang have exchanged words, as the latter always supported him. For instance, they congratulated the YouTuber in 2021 when he crossed the 50 million subscriber mark on the platform. And without a doubt, MrBeast replied with a heart emoji for the group. 

Since then, fans have speculated a collaboration between these two as it would be a masterpiece. After all, they both share some similarities – something that the majority of YouTubers lack, making this partnership historic.


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To lay down facts, MrBeast, as well as the other gang, are always on the lookout to shoot something off-beat, things that the majority always wishes off. Similarly, their concepts stand out around the globe, making them two of the most followed content creators on the platform. But well, none of them have sparked hope, making fans manifest this dream. 


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After Dude Perfect’s comment, the topic slid into the dark, with both parties neglecting it. However, it recently walked back into the spotlight after the creator group tweeted about it. In their May 6 Tweet, Dude Perfect posted a snippet from their collab with Luka Doncic. Along with that, they added a question “Who should we collab with in a future video??” And within seconds, a user commented, “I have still been waiting for a MrBeast x @DudePerfect collab and I haven’t seen it.”


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But once again, neither MrBeast nor Dude Perfect sparred words over it, leaving fans to speculate. So, do you think these two Youtube giants will ever shake hands for a project?

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