Streamer Tries to Convince Barack Obama to Play Among Us After Playing with AOC

October 22, 2020 9:20 pm

The past few days have been interesting for both gamers and politicians, two fields one would never expect to meet. However, when Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez played Among Us on stream, she took the internet by storm. Her Twitch stream broke multiple records previously set by streamers on the platform. Moreover, her appeal to youngsters through a unique idea started another internet trend.

As popular streamers realize how much influence they have over young minds, they want to use it to do the right thing. Hence, after AOC’s efforts, many of them have taken up the initiative to help the youth get aware of the elections. Fan-favorite streamer Disguised Toast also joined the cause after he played with AOC. His recent tweet sounds really enthusiastic and has already rounded up a lot of famous personalities.

Disguised Toast asks Barack Obama to play Among Us

Disguised Toast rose to fame after Among Us blew up. He is probably one of the best players of the game. Being a leader, he invited another leader to play the game with him. Who could be a better choice than a former President to talk about the Presidential Elections?

Therefore, Toast thought it’d be best to invite the 44th President of the United States of America to play Among Us online. He tweeted at Barack Obama saying, “hey @BarackObama you wanna play among us?”

While the former President hasn’t replied yet, various people have replied to the tweet in support to make this happen. Among this is Irish YouTuber JackSepticEye, who also played with AOC.

Others included Sykkuno and Valkyrae, both of who have become popular once they started playing Among Us.

Another popular YouTuber LazarBeam also tweeted at President Obama, but probably since Toast is currently way more popular, his tweet rose the trends.

Fans are already speculating that if this comes true, it might end up breaking the internet. Several people are questioning the streamers’ affiliations towards a singular party. However, there are others who see the humor in the situation.

This combination was definitely surprising, but comes as a pleasant one. Moreover, if the series of streams get even a handful of youngsters more to vote, it will be a win for all these streamers and politicians.

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