Streaming Community Chimes In on the Roaring Banter Between FaZe Rain and FaZe Clan’s New Signing Grace Van Dien

Published 05/31/2023, 7:30 AM EDT

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The controversies surrounding FaZe Clan continue to grow day by day. The eSports organization is caught in the eye of the storm and the problems can’t seem to die down. With the dip in the stocks and the whole crypto scam earlier, many fans are stating the Clan is not what it was used to be.

Amidst all controversies, FaZe Clan had its first female streamer, Grace Van Dien, joining the ranks. Van Dien is famous for her Valorant streams and also for starring in the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. But this decision also was not free from controversy. The joining of Grace Van Dien into FaZe is being challenged by FaZe Rain heavily. And now other streamers have chimed in with their opinions on this dispute.

Disguised Toast chimes in on FaZe Rain vs Grace Van Dien


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There has been a lot of back and forth between the members of the FaZe clan. Both of them are taking shots at each other which is actually portraying a negative image of the Clan. Now, this whole thing has become personal for both the streamers. FaZe Rain has recently called her ‘mid’ following Van Dien’s comments. When this news reached Disguised Toast, he came forward to defend his friend Van Dien.


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In a Twitch clip, Toast addressed the problems with the Clan, trying to see the bigger picture. He said, “I get that it definitely sucks to see something you care about like your org become something you don’t necessarily agree with.” He discussed the operation of an organization as a fellow org owner and indicated Rain was a member of the Clan and should have complained when the higher-ups made wrong decisions.

Rain chose to be silent on many topics, Toast pointed out, like the FaZe crypto scam. Compared to all those problems, the joining of Van Dien was a trivial thing that should not have attracted that much drama. He sarcastically concluded, taking shots at Rain, “Scamming kids with Crypto coins, yeah whatever. Signing Grace… ‘Ohh this isn’t the FaZe I know’. Like bro, it’s not like an overnight thing.”

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Following the debacle, Van Dien is being defended by other members of the streaming world too. Streamers like the co-founder of OTK Asmongold and former Overwatch pro player xQc have come in support of Van Dien. The OTK co-founder believed Rain was the one who made it personal. And he fully supported Van Dien in defending herself from attacks.

Other streamers also come in defense of Van Dien

While streaming on Twitch, the OTK co-founder Asmongold chose to speak on this topic. He stated Van Dien acted in self-defense and should not be blamed for it. He commented, “I believe in self-defense. And if he wants to call her ‘mid’, and then she makes fun of him for almost overdosing on a stream, I think that’s totally fine.”

Furthermore, xQc also had some strong-worded comments for the Clan. The streamer questioned the decisions made by FaZe higher-ups and how it is causing unrest among the members.


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“Stock price is tanking like crazy,” he said about FaZe Clan. But Faze is not handling this situation properly. Rather than addressing the problem, they have doubled down and added Snoop Dogg as their celebrity streamer. “That’s a lot of f***ing money. It has no value for how much it cost,” xQc said, “That’s what celebrities are. They are dirt expensive and they don’t bring a lot to the table.”

Calling the decision to add Snoop Dogg a way to throw money down the drain, xQc wanted to know what went inside the Clan to take this decision. He believed no one questioned this decision to hire an expensive celebrity streamer. But adding Van Dien is getting a lot of hate due to her not being as big of a celebrity streamer as Dogg. The streamer called out everyone who was criticizing Van Dien, stating, “It’s spineless because they only talk s**t when they know they’re gonna get backing and they don’t do it because they have to.”


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