Collaborations are a great way to gather your combined fanbase and promote your title. Be it a movie, a music album, or any other gaming title, these companies always find a way to crossover with popular gaming titles. Not only for promotion but also to reignite the fire of excitement, which is used to ooze out in the past. Street Fighter 6 is going to be the most recent inclusion of it.

Street Fighter 6, the most recent installment of the iconic fighting game franchise, is going to collaborate with the popular battle royale, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, better known as PUBG. So, let’s dive into the article and explore every aspect of this epic crossover.

Street Fighter X PUBG: An Epic Crossover


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Capcom released the worthy successor to the 26-year-old fighting game franchise, Street Fighter 6, on June 2, 2023. To promote their recent release, Street Fighter is going for a collaboration with fan favorite PUBG. PUBG’s official YouTube channel has shared a trailer too, describing this:

In the trailer, we can see that Chun-Li, Luke, Cammy, and Ryu will be available as PUBG characters. So, it will be a treat to watch these iconic Street Fighter characters boss the battle royale arena of PUBG. Just imagine that Luke is somehow knocked down, Cammy is reviving him, Chun-Li is unleashing his M416 spray on the enemies, and Ryu with the AWM is snapping headshots. Amazing right?

We can also see Street Fighter’ written on a level 3 helmet and on the pan. So, there have already been speculations that there is a possibility of a Street Fighter 6-themed helmet and pan skin. Maybe gun skins as well; who knows?

According to the developers, this event is going to be called Survivor Summer Fest, and this crossover event is going to start from July 26th to August 8th, 2023.

Fans are Delighted with the crossover.

Fans are pretty excited and have already started brainstorming what else they can get Street Fighter-themed, apart from characters in PUBG. Here are some fan reactions:

This fan is here for this epic collaboration.

This fan has already got some questions on whether he will be getting skins only or he will be able to use the legendary abilities of those iconic characters.

According to this fan, Cammy looks perfect in this PUBG setup, so everyone will be buying that character.

This fan is clearly so excited.


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The world of gaming has seen so many great collaborations in the past. And this one between Street Fighter and PUBG is going to be one of the best of all.

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Fans can’t resist their excitement to jump into the battleground with their favorite Street Fighters. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time for SUMMER SUMMER CHICKEN DINNER!

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