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Sudden Twitch Ban on PewDiePie Sends Shockwaves in the Community, Kick Wastes No Time to Reach Out

Published 05/09/2023, 11:50 AM EDT

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Twitch is notorious for banning content creators out of the blue. They have taken down accounts of many famous creators or placed restrictions on them without giving them a valid reason for it. This is evident from a recent example of Amouranth’s ban on Twitch without a reason. Now, the Twitch ban hammer has fallen on PewDiePie, who does not even stream new content on the platform.

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While not a full-time streamer, PewDiePie did have an account on Twitch. And the Amazon-backed company has taken the account of the YouTube legend down without reason.

PewDiePie receives a ban from Twitch


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Enforcing the ban on May 8, the platform did not give out any details for the ban. This has led to many fans speculate what may be the reason for this ban. And some are pointing their fingers at CoPilotMedia for misuse of the account.

The account of the Swedish YouTuber got active again on March 21. While the content shown on that channel was of PewDiePie, he was not officially streaming. Pewdiepie’s Twitch channel had turned into a rebroadcasting medium of his older content due to CoPilotMedia taking control of the channel. And fans think this rebroadcasting was the reason for the ban.


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Although the Twitch ban should not be a major concern to PewDiePie, who is occupied with making YouTube videos, and also with his first child on the way. But a Twitch rival is still thinking to poach the YouTuber to their platform.

Twitch’s rival trying to poach the YouTube legend

As soon as the news of the ban became public, Twitch’s rival streaming platform, Kick, wasted no time to reach out to PewDiePie. Kick is becoming notorious for trying to poach content creators who got banned from Twitch. They have tweeted to the YouTuber asking him what he is doing in regard to the ban placed by Twitch.


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But PewDiePie moving to Kick seems like a long shot in the dark. The 33-year-old is more preoccupied with family and YouTube content. There are no indications from him to start streaming as a full-time job. But who knows maybe the YouTube legend will consider moving to Kick.


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What are your thoughts on the ban placed on PewDiePie? Do you think he will switch over to Kick? Let us know in the comment section below.



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