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Summit Tired of Twitch For One Particular Reason

Summit Tired of Twitch For One Particular Reason

Every platform somehow has its share of toxicity. The gaming community witnesses the same from time to time. However, recently, things took a messy turn and as a result, a prominent Twitch streamer may just quit the platform.

Twitch is home to thousands of streamers who engage in making content and educational videos day-to-day. The community has been a cause of worry at times, and many have voiced their concerns on the same.

The case in hand is a couple of weeks old. Summit1g was in his usual twitch stream, playing Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. His chat was filled with a lot of hate comments that led the streamer to react. Toxicity in Twitch chats is not a rare sight, but the streamer could not hold back from expressing his feelings.

You guys really know how to suck the fun out of things bros. Thanks. I think it is a good time to announce that, I think I’m gonna take some more time off the stream.

“I feel like this is like the line. We’re playing Fall Guys, dude. Do you know what I mean? If I can’t have fun playing Fall Guys with you guys, I really don’t know what the f*** can anymore.

“Twitch has taken quite a turn. If you can make this shit unenjoyable, dude I don’t know how much longer I want to be on the site. You feel me? I might just run this contract, we’ll see.

Trolling- Not a rare sight on Twitch or other streaming platforms

Toxicity in Twitch streams is unfortunately, nothing new. A while back, Summit1g was streaming DayZ when a donator used the n-word in chat. Summit proceeded to ban the person afterward for his actions. Several others have been a victim of this in the past; notable names including Pokimane, for example.

Lately, 100 Thieves content creator Jack “Courage” Dunlop came forth to ask the community to take it easy on certain players/streamers and not to spread hate.

This has been a cause of worry for a while and things don’t look to be getting any better. For all those in the community out there, toxic comments/messages aren’t welcome on any platform. The streamers spent hours day and night to bring up content entertaining their viewers. Hopefully, things will get better with time.

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