Super Mario Bros. is pretty much a household name nowadays. Even people who have never played the games starring these plumber brothers are aware of them. And nearly every person, gamer or non-gamer, has played the first ever Super Mario Bros. title by Nintendo.

Hence, the main theme music of the game has become something that pretty much everyone is familiar with. In fact, it’s such an important part of pop culture that people are recognizing it in the most unexpected of places. A recent video going viral on the internet shows two men recognizing the theme while playing ping-pong.

Two ping-pong players end up creating the Super Mario Bros. theme during a match!


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Imagine playing a friendly match of ping-pong with your buddy. You are going to and fro and the game is going pretty well. You get into a rhythm and you suddenly realize that the way you’re manipulating the ball is creating a very iconic tune. This is what happens in a viral video makings its rounds on social media.

It’s a good thing that the camera was rolling. As far as fans of the game are concerned, the event was definitely a very rare coincidence. We’re very lucky to have footage of it.


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Things like this do not happen often. This is why when they realized what had transpired, they immediately stopped the recording to watch the video and be sure of it.

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About the tune


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The melody was from the first Super Mario Bros. game that ever launched. Still considered a classic by many, this game was released in the 1980s for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game gave players different hints through its music and sound effects. This is perhaps why the tune is so iconic. It has been integrated into the gameplay to the point where it is not separable from the game, as far as popular culture is concerned.

The game has been one of the most played video games in the history of video games. It even paved the way for a very long-running franchise and for Mario to be one of the most sought-after mascots out there.


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All this is pretty evident from the success of the Super Mario Bros. Movie as well. It’s no wonder why the two guys in the video were excited. They knew they had just witnessed something that would definitely go viral on the internet.

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