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SypherPK Reveals the Best Mobility Option in Fortnite

SypherPK Reveals the Best Mobility Option in Fortnite


Chapter 2 Season 4 of Fortnite Battle Royale is gearing up to be a grand celebration. The addition of the Avengers, the incoming threat of Galactus, all the elements are coalescing together to reveal a more fantastic idea. 

Fortnite, as a game, is slowly becoming a pillar of popular culture. Thus, it is fitting that the game is adds so many different features. 

Image Courtesy – YouTube SypherPK

The latest inclusion of several mythic abilities had a huge impact on the game’s dynamic. Subsequently, it facilitated a different playing style, one which maximizes the usage of such abilities. 

Epic Games also brought back several weapons that remind players of previous seasons. With all these inclusions, it is not hard to imagine players flying across the map.

SypherPK shows how to fly a vast distance in Fortnite

That is precisely what SypherPK demonstrated in his recent video. According to Sypher, this is the best mobility option in the game. “This is better than Crash Pads, Launch Pads, and Rift.” 

The trick he shows reveals a subtle move by Epic Games to add Hot Peppers in the game. Sypher also mentions that this trick can be done without the Hot Pepper. All it adds is a bit of speed. Nevertheless, that is quite necessary to pull this off in a fight. 

Firstly, players need to get Iron Man’s Repulsor Gauntlets. Next up, they would need a Crash Pad and a Hot Pepper. Once acquired, players need to throw a Crash Pad where it touches the water surface. Next up, swim up to a distance and use the Gauntlets to get a boost in the air.

Sypher shows, as soon as the character hits the Crash Pad, it goes flying across a massive distance on the map. This neat trick does not look like a glitch at all.

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The fishing dynamic showing its importance

Image Courtesy – Youtube @Dazz49677

The other way to do this trick includes a Spicy Fish. After consuming the fish, players have to follow the exact same procedure.

Throw a Crash Pad on the water surface, swim for a bit, launch in the air with the Gauntlet and land on the Pad. Instantly, the player gets a major jump boost. 

Epic also changed the latest bug that allowed players to get fishes with explosives. Thus, players need Fishing Rods for this trick.

This shows how vital fishing is going to be in Fortnite Season 4. Players can enter the zone late with this trick if they play it right. Perhaps this is the reason why Epic Games revamped the dynamic in such an innovative way. 

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